GH's 35th Anniversary Memories

The stuff that I remember most fondly are the personal things, like the Sweet 16 party they gave me, and getting the measles on the same day; and my graduation when I passed the proficiency exam and I was going to work full time. There was a time when Laura had a mental block because she killed David Hamilton. I remember when Craig Huebing (ex-Peter Taylor) played my psychiatrist, and he came rushing to my door and said, 'I found your mental block,' and he handed my a big chunk of wood. I remember those behind-the-scenes things with great fondness and a lot of love. As for my on-screen memories, I would have to say dancing in the department store at Wyndham's was probably one of the most fun times I ever had, and also dancing the Virginia reel at Luke and Laura's (right) wedding. Without question my favrtie story was the first summer on the run, in Beechers Corners. The thing that characterizes my relationship with Tony (Geary; Luke) the most is he's probably one of the funniest people I've ever met in my life. We laugh until our sides ache. There's a genuine closeness between us, and a very mutual respect. Everything I've ever done, every big step I've ever taken in life, I've done first on General Hospital, almost like a rehearsal for my own life.

Special thanks to Lou for scanning and sending me this! :)