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GH Executive Producer Wendy Riche took advantage of the last days of summer to throw a picnic and softball game for the good folks in Port Charles. "It was at a park near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena," reports GH Casting Director Mark Teschner, who attended along with Genie Francis (Laura), Kin Shriner (Scotty), Cheryl Richardson (Jenny), John J. York (Mac) and John Reilly (Sean), among many others. "Genie and Kin spent the whole afternoon talking," confides another GH-er who attended. So... did this person happen to overhear their conversation? "Kin's been very vocal about his unhappiness on the show lately, so they probably talked about that. Of course, people here [at GH] hope he doesn't leave. But most of us think he's got a great job and a great life and he's crazy to complain." Shriner certainly looked happy enough in his photo with his on-screen ex-wife, taken at the picnic. His team must have won.