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Balancing Act: Like so many other working women out there, Genie Francis's (Laura) life and career were greatly impacted by her decision to have children. "There was nothing in my life except for my work for a very, very long time," shares the actress. And she's not kidding, having played her iconic GH character since she was a teen. "But all that changed rather rapidly when I had kids. Then, for the first time, work truly moved into the position of being a hobby in my life. My family, my husband [actor/director/producer Jonathan Frakes] were the main things." Of course, now that Francis's children, Jameson, 5, and Eliza, 2, are growing a tad older, that picture may once again change. "Now that my kids are getting closer to school age, it's coming back into balance," she smiles. "I want to give my career a little bit more of the attention. So, it's good."