Laura and Stefan after they've made love

[At Wyndemere. Laura and Stefan are in his bed, kissing.]

Laura: [Sighs happily.] “So here we are.”

Stefan: “Yes.”

Laura: “Finally.”

Stefan: “Finally.”

Laura: “I never thought my life would feel right again. I love you.” [Lifts her head to look at him.] “I love you.” [They kiss.]

Stefan: “I love you.” [He kisses her forehead.] “God, how I love you.”

[Stefan’s study. Nikolas is there. Laura walks in.]

Laura: [Surprised.] “Nikolas. I -- I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

Nikolas: “You just get here?”

Laura: “No, I -- I was upstairs with your father.”

Nikolas: “My father. He, uh, he isn’t--”

Laura: “What’s the matter?”

Nikolas: [Rubs his eyes.] “Stefan isn’t my father.”

Laura: [Shakes head.] “That’s not true.”

Nikolas: “Stavros is.”

Laura: “Did Helena tell you this?”

Nikolas: “I have proof.”

Laura: “Wait a minute. You believed her?”

Nikolas: “My father is dead. Stefan is my uncle.”

Laura: “No.” [Shakes head.] “It can’t be true, it just--”

Nikolas: “Stefan knows.”

Laura: “No, he couldn’t possibly know!”

Nikolas: “But he didn’t tell us.”

Laura: “Look, you know, I don’t know where this is all coming from but--”

[Stefan walks in.]

Nikolas: “Ask him yourself.”

Laura: “Helena seems to have convinced Nikolas that you’re not his father.”

Nikolas: “Alexis told me, and not Helena.”

Laura: “Well, then it was Helena who put her up to it.”

Nikolas: “Alexis showed me the blood test and these legal documents that were mixed up with Mikkos’ will and--”

Stefan: “Alexis did what?”

Nikolas: “She gave you the chance to tell us, and why didn’t you? I’m the Prince after all, right? The rightful heir. Isn’t that right, uncle?”

Stefan: [Nods.] “Yes.” [Laura looks at him, shocked.]

Nikolas: “I find out the truth, you admit you lied--”

Stefan: “I didn’t even know those documents existed until the other day.”

Nikolas: “The Cassadine family tradition.”

Stefan: “They haven’t been verified yet.”

Nikolas: “We’re getting a DNA test.”

Stefan: “Yes, of course.”

Nikolas: “But we don’t really need one, do we? You’ve known all along.”

Stefan: “No. Nikolas, I have always believe you were my son.”

Nikolas: “Right.”

Stefan: “But I wanted you to be the Prince. You had to be or Helena would have killed you. I wanted you to have the Cassadine fortune.”

Nikolas: “I don’t want it. Okay? I don’t want any of this?”

Stefan: “That’s why I didn’t tell you. Nikolas, when you believed you weren’t the Prince, that you were my son, I’ve never seen you happier. You were free.” [Laura’s face crumbles.] “I couldn’t take that away from you, not until I was sure.”

Nikolas: “So you lied! Again for my own good. I don’t need this.” [Looks at Laura.] “And neither do you.”

Laura: “Stop it! I will not stand here and let you attack Stefan. He has cared for you and protected you for his entire life. He’s devoted his life to you.”

Nikolas: “Why should I believe that?”

Laura: “Because he’s loved you since the day you were born, Nikolas. And no blood test [takes Stefan’s hand] or legal document can change that. He loves you more than anyone on Earth.”

Nikolas: “Well, that doesn’t justify telling lies. Don’t you know that by now?” [To Stefan.] “You’ll be notified of the DNA test.” [He leaves.]

Stefan: “Are you leaving?”

Laura: “Do you expect me to?”

Stefan: “I lied to you. It was a lie of omission, but still.” [Sighs heavily and shakes his head.] “We were so close. The family I’ve dreamed of since the Island.” [Shot to Laura.] “I couldn’t let that go. I couldn’t let you go.”

Laura: “Nikolas is very, very young. He doesn’t realize what my lies cost me. How can I leave you for doing what I’ve done? I can’t. And I won’t.” [Walks to him.] “I love you.” [They kiss.]

Laura: “Are you going to have a DNA test?”

Stefan: [Nods.] “Nikolas needs to be certain. So do you.”

Laura: “Are you certain?”

Stefan: “It’s almost poetic, really. My mother spending years watching me devote my life to my brother’s child. Believing he was mine. Must be true.”

Laura: [Tears.] If he is Stavros’ son… will that change how you feel?”

Stefan: [Shakes head.] “No.” [Smiles.]

Laura: [Hugs him.] “Then so what? I always wanted Nikolas to be yours. And I’m his mother. I’ve never regretted leaving him in your care. I know that he’s angry right now and hurt, but he is a fine person. Thanks to you. He really is.” [Takes his face in her hands.] “Helena can’t take that way from us.” [Stefan caresses her hair.] “Nobody can.”

[Laura smiles. Stefan takes her face in his hands and kisses her.]