Jonathan Jackson and Anthony Geary Interview

Portraying GHís unconventional Luke Spencer and his spirited progeny Lucky has inspired a special closeness and camaraderie between Anthony Geary and Jonathan Jackson. When Soap Opera Weekly proposed that the actors interview each other, both were eager to tackle the assignment. Relaxing in a friendís Hollywood apartment, the pair discussed a wide range of topics.

Jonathan Jackson: So how did you come about creating Lucky?

Anthony Geary: I think you created the character of Lucky. But if you would like to go there, sure, I had something to do with the story that brought us all back. But Lucky was a historical fact. The last show on GH on which the audience say Luke and Laura together, Laura was pregnant. She told Luke about it. Iíll never forget doing that scene. Genie (Francis who plays Laura) had no children at t he time, and is was the first time she ever said those words to a man. She was so incredible that day. So beautiful. Iíll never forget how excited she was. I got swept away in it and thought afterward : Iíll never forget that. Nobody will ever tell me they are going to have my baby, and if they ever do, I will never fell like that. But the feeling of the moment was extraordinary. Thatís why you are such a living, breathing miracle of fantasy. What question led me to this rhapsody?

JJ: About creating Lucky...

AG: I didnít have anything to do with him, except that scene. When we talked about coming back, there was, of course, one child.

AG: I have never painted life as an actor as fabulous.

JJ: No, I donít think it is.

AG: Good, At least Iíve given you that start. I think itís amazing that after this time of working with someone as cynical as me you still have a joy of acting. About a year ago Genie and I were talking about this. She felt we should be careful around you, as a young man just starting in the business not to (subject you to) all these sour grapes. Itís not quite fair. But I think youíve managed to push that plate away very well.

JJ: Believe it or not...whatís the word?

AG: Cynicism

JJ: Through all your cynicism...

AG: A cynic is a romantic whoís seen the world. In years to come youíll remember that.

JJ: Yes, I will. But through all of your cynicism, you and Genie have been the best part of what Iíve done so far as an actor. Iíve always felt support from you guys. And whether you admit it or not, you still enjoy it. You enjoy rewriting some of the stuff, even if you act like itís a pain in the ass.

AG: I do like that line.

JJ: And you like a good scene. It still fills a part of your heart.

AG: You know what, Jonathan? You see that because often my cynicism wonít play with you, because youíre fresh. Youíre alive. Youíre looking for the reality of the moment. And thatís a girf to the cynic any time of the day. So the gift has gone both ways, and Genie would agree if she were here. Genie is a much more idealistic actor than I am. She needs more truth out of the moment than I do. My life is more a fantasy, therefore I can tap dance around the moment. She canít and I love her for that. I think youíre more like her. Idealistic is good. I do enjoy it. I am idealistic, but Iím also...old!

Big thanks to Nancy for typing this up and sending it to me!