Brett & Billy's Story
Book I
Summary by Carla

      Although George and Orry were friends since their years in West Point, Billy and Brett first met when the Mains visited the Hazards. We could presume that she fell in love with him at fist sight according to her words to Ashton while they were walking in the garden: ďOh, Ashton, I have to say, I think he is so handsomeĒ (at that point, I always have believed that the poor girl needed glasses). Meanwhile, Billy told Charles that Ashton was very exciting. His friend tried to convinced him that she was trouble and Brett was the one (Charles was an intelligent man and he had good taste). When Ashton saw that her sister was interested in Billy, she played with him, calling to him, saying that she needed him. So he gladly left his friend (proving how stupid he was) and went towards her. In front of the poor Brett, Ashton took his tie away and together they left the garden. Brett stood there, looking sad. Charles tried to console her and invited her to walk (he really was more intelligent).
      The visit went on, with Virgiliaís speech threatening the visit, but the Mains still stood with their friends. Ashton took advantage to be with Billy again. While she was walking with him in the garden, eating something like strawberries or blueberries, she put them against her breast, saying that they were great. Excited, Billy said that they looked delicious (looking and behaving as a stupid and brainless guy). She offered him one, put the fruit on her mouth and kissed him (grrrrrrrr). She started to kiss him more passionately and offered him to have something more than kisses. Billy tried to behave as a gentleman and refused her, saying that he cared for her but he couldnít do it. Angry, she left him in the middle of the garden. Next scene you see the Mains leaving the North and inviting the Hazards to visit them to South Carolina. Ashton still was angry with Billy.
      In 1854, the Hazards paid a visit to their friends. During a ball, you can see Ashton dancing with her beau, making Billy jealous. Clarissa, Brett and Ashtonís mother, told him that Ashton had a lot of suitors but she didnít accept anyone yet (what side was she on?)
      While Ashtonís beau tried to make Billy angry by talking about politics, she saw her sweet sister talking with Forbes Lamotte. Of course, Ashton couldnít see her sister happy, so she went with them to spoil the moment (just when I was happy that the poor girl found another suitor, but of course he wasnít good). When Forbes said that he had brought his stallion, Ashton insisted that she wanted to see it. Brett didnít want to go with them, looking with her sight to Billy, and the couple went to the stable. While they were leaving, Billy saw the couple (hehehe). He didnít understand her and he commented with Charles her coldness. He insisted again that he was losing something better, Brett, who was capable of love (and much more). So, Billy invited Brett to dance.
      Later, he went towards the stables. Ashton and Forbes finished making love. She was very happy and asked him if he loved her, because she wanted to see him even if she married Huntoon. Billy discovered them (putting his face of stupid who canít believe that he is deceived) and ran away from her while she shouted his name (hehehe).
      The next day, he decided to pay more attention to Brett, and they rode their horses while Ashton looked at them from her balcony.
      Finally, one of the best scenes happened. Walking in the garden, Brett confessed that the last days were incredible. He answered saying that he wished he hadnít had to return. She couldnít believe what he was saying (neither did I) and he finally said that he liked her (only that? he liked her? a-hole) and they kissed very softly (he needed lessons in this issue). Laughing, she ran away. Ashton who saw all the scene, appeared, speaking very angrily. She accused him of trying to make her feel jealous and to punish her because he saw her with Forbes. When she realized that he knew that she was a -ahem-, she said that he deserved Brett because both were babies (I would say that she deserved more, but well) and she hit him.
      Unfortunately, Brett couldnít enjoy the rest of the visit because Virgilia helped Huntoonís slave to run away. When Huntoon found it out, he insulted her. Billy wanted to defend his sisterís honor and to avoid more troubles, the Hazards had to go away. While Billy said goodbye to Brett, Ashton accused him of taking advantage of her sister.
      Later, we discovered that Billy sent Brett love letters because she visited Orry to tell him that she had received a very controversial book, ďTomís CabinĒ. First, he thought that she was worried because she hadnít received anything from his love, but laughing she affirmed that she had received her letter together with the book. Apparently, Virgilia sent it. When she wanted to discuss the book, he told her to go home. He didnít want to talk about that issue.
      Some time later, Charles and Billy finished their studies at West Point. During a parade, both sisters saw them. Brett proudly talks about Billy, not realizing that her sister still was in love with him. However, Ashton tried not to show it fixing her eyes on other soldier. Brett was shocked because now Ashton was engaged with Huntoon (she was really naive).
      When the parade finished, Billy and Charles talked with both families about their future in the army. George and Orry showed their mothers where they used to live at West Point, Billy went with Brett to a more private place. He told her that he must read her letters a dozen times. With her sweet face she confessed that even if she wrote him she didnít stop missing him. After that, he kissed her and Ashton appeared with her wicked smile. She wanted to him say hello, and when he gave her his hand, she took it towards her, and kissed him. Angry, Brett separated them. Ironically, Ashton talks about her past kisses with Billy. Of course, our lady ran away. Billy tried to go behind her but Ashton stopped him, saying that he couldnít escape from her. He warned that he would try to leave as fast as he could.
      At night, after a ball, Billy took Brett to a bench in the garden. There he confessed his love for her (finally, the scene I waited for so long). She smiled, but insecure asked if she really was the girl he wanted or Ashton. He assured her that he cared for her and on his knees popped the question (at last).
      Problems started when George told Orry Billyís intentions with Brett. Orry feared that regarding the political situation between North and South, a mixed couple could fail. He didnít want to see his sister suffering, but he promised he would think about it.
      Months later, Orry intended to see George and Brett managed to go with him. During the travel they suffered the hostility of the train employs and other people. But the worst was when they arrived to their destination. Orry argued with Virgilia, provoking a great argument with George. On the station, Billy and Brett had a chance to see each other. Billy wanted Orryís permission to get married but he still was worried about the conflict between the regions. Billy threatened him that he will asked Brett to marry with or without his permission. A very exciting scene. When the train left, Virgilia jumped to it, organizing a trap to the travelers. The train is attacked by some abolitionists, but some soldiers rescued them.
      Orry started to have problems with Madeleine and he drank a lot. Tired and sad, Brett confronted his brother and argued with him because he delayed his permission. After a terrible fight, she left the house and went with Ashton (her main enemy without knowing). Ashton apparently agreed in helping her but really she was setting up a trap.
      Billy is assigned to the town where Brett was. His mates didnít understand that he was engaged with a Southern girl. During a date, he asked her again about their marriage. She still wanted to wait Orryís permission. They walked and had problems with people hired by Asthon. They ran away but Ashton still planned other things to separate them.
      Finally, George visited Orry and made peace. He convinced Orry to give his permission to the couple to get married. They went to Ashtonís house to tell Billy and Brett that they could get married. They were very happy until a soldier came searching for Billy because he had to return to the fort. Brett stayed with his brother and George. When Ashton saw the notice she freaked out and damned them. She went on with her conspiracy with Forbes to get killed Billy.
      Shortly before the attack to the fort began, Billyís captain gave him permission to leave to another place. He had time to marry Brett. So while they got married, Ashton prepared the trap for Billy. She sent a slave with information about where Forbes could join the couple. Madeleine heard that the La Motte family was going to murder Billy and she wanted to stop them. When his husband realized that she knew the plan he tried to hurt her. She defended herself grabbing a stick and putting it in his eye. This way, she could escape to tell Orry about the plan.
      Forbes La Motte reached the couple and provoked a duel with Billy, suggesting that he had slept with Brett (I want to think that Billy felt a little jealous). Although Brett tried to stop Billy he responded to Forbes, who took advantage to challenge to a duel. As Forbes was with a friend, they managed to distract Billyís attention while one of them prepared the arms so the Billyís one failed during the duel. Meanwhile, Madeleine told Orry about the conspiracy and he sent Charles to help. Charles arrived just in time to prevent the murder. He and Billy fought against Forbes and his friend. During the fight Billy killed Forbes (poor Ashton).
      Billy and Brett took the train and Orry threw Ashton out the family house, accusing her of conspiracy. She freaked out when she learned that Forbes was dead.
      Later, when Lincoln gave a speech, we see the couple observing him.