Buss Stop

A kiss, as the song goes, is just a kiss. But not if it's one between General Hospital's Laura and Scotty. And especially not when the clinch is spied by none other than Laura's ex and Scotty's age-old rival, Luke. Need we review their vivid history? It was a little over two decades ago that the shoe was decidedly on the other foot -- or rather, the lips on the other mouth -- when rogue adventurer Luke stole Laura away from her then-spouse, Scotty. So how does it feel for Luke to be on the outs in this current scenario? Yes, he's moved on to a romance with Felicia. And yes, he and Laura have long been apart. But that doesn't mean it won't affect him to see Laura in the arms of another man, especially if those arms belong to Scotty. Look for fireworks to fly from this encounter -- but just what kind and between whom remains to be seen...

It's certainly no secret that one-time marrieds Laura and Scotty have been spending a lot of quality time together over the past few months. And it's also no secret (to us, at least) that they shared a romantic kiss just last week after the Deception party debacle. But this week, their budding romance gets a visitor, when Luke arrives at the Deception offices to discuss with Laura the Helena/Lucky situation... just as Laura and Scotty share yet another kiss.

"It's particularly kooky, given the sort of deja vu feeling," notes Anthony Geary (Luke) of his character's reaction to seeing his former wife in Scotty's embrace. "I think the man will always be jealous when he sees the woman he's devoted his life to in the arms of another man. But at the moment, it's not about being betrayed by her because there [had] been a mutual betrayal [during their marriage]. He's not holding her responsible for that, so it's really more about Scott. I think it really has more to do with his venial hatred of Scott and the past they share than it does with Laura at the moment."

Naturally, magnanimity is hardly the suit Scotty plays upon realizing Luke's presence. "[It just made Scott] more gleeful because it's like, 'How do you like it, buddy?'" laughs his portrayer, Kin Shriner. "Of course, there's a certain element of wanting to nail Luke for what he did to him over the years. He destroyed [Scott's] life. So, yeah, [Scott's] a little upset about that."

Which is not to say Scotty's feelings for Laura, and vice versa, are all part of some elaborate scheme to get back at Luke. "This is not a romp," insists Shriner. "What he sees is a blossoming relationship. We're two young kids starting our lives over again. It's all about fresh starts." Concurs Genie Francis (Laura), "I think she's surprised at how right it feels to go into Scott's arms. Not that she's just looking to fall nto anybody's arms, and that's a first for her. But I think she was really surprised and moved that this man still has love for her and doesn't hold anything against her. I don't think that's something she's going to take lightly."

And speaking of not taking things lightly... it doesn't take long for Scotty and Luke to stat lighting into each other. But will we see a punch reminiscent of the whoppers Luke and Scotty landed on each other when Scotty appeared as an uninvited wedding guest at Luke and Laura's 1981 nups? Not this time around, according to Geary. Still, "That would be great," grins the actor. "I don't know... but a punch seems appropriate to me."

cooler heads to eventually prevail, and Luke does get his chance to impart to Laura his concerns that Helena's interest in Lucky is far from over. And the next day, Luke forgoes time with Felicia so the Spencers can once again consult over the potentital nastiness Helena could have in store for their son. Is it too much for Luke and Laura devotees to hope that this may be the beginning of a reconciliation for the one-time supercouple? "I don't think Laura thinks that's a possibility at all," muses Francis, "because she believes that Luke is so over her. She sees it that he has moved on, he's in love with this other woman, and that if he's coming around to talk about one of [their] kids, that's it's only about that."

Ah, but is it? According to Geary, that's not necessarily the case. "I don't think it will ever be water under the bridge for Luke," concludes the actor. "I think if he really thought that he'd never be with Laura again, he wouldn't be able to face tomorrow."

by Kristin Gallagher