Carolyn's Corner

This week's guest is Genie Francis, back on General Hospital as Laura Spencer for a limited run.

Carolyn: Welcome back. How's it going?

Genie: It's good! My first day I got to just sit and listen for most of it. It was nice to be able to have that moment to catch your breath and sort of feel being back in the room again. I love this little girl, Julie Marie Berman [Lulu]. She's very talented. In fact, all three of my kids are good. I was really pleased.

Carolyn: You've kept in touch with Tony (Geary, Luke), right?

Genie: Yes, I saw him in Amsterdam, actually. He's got his own boat and he took me for a terrific boat ride around the canals.

Carolyn: Have you missed acting?

Genie: Yes, I have. It's interesting. That was my whole life for many years, the best part of me. And then it was gone, because I really do consider myself retired at this point -- from acting, anyway. So this is like coming out of retirement. I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to ride the bike again. Very worried. But so far, I have. I'm a bit rusty, but I'm waking up.

Carolyn: Genie's waking up along with Laura?

Genie: I'm afraid so!

Carolyn: Is it hard remembering the dialogue after all those years of not doing it?

Genie: It is. I was concerned about that, too, because that really is a matter of practice. If you're in the habit of doing 30 pages a day, then it's a whiz, but if you're not, it's kind of laborious. But so far, I haven't had to do that much. It hasn't been too "talky."

Carolyn: November is a huge month for Luke and Laura. You're going to Super soap?

Genie: I am. They're doing something the Friday before the weekend.

Carolyn: Will you take your kids?

Genie: I might. The thing is, the kids would have to come down on a Friday, and I don't want to take them out of school.

Carolyn: They're in Maine?

Genie: Yes. Maine is nice because it's very unpopulated and peaceful. It's like going back in time. My husband [Jonathan Frakes] and I trade off working, so it's great.

Carolyn: Will Laura remember the whole killing Rick Webber thing?

Genie: I think they're going to try to stay away from that because that's what made her crazy. Next week, there's quite a bit of remembering things and visiting places and trying to jog her memory.

Carolyn: Laura has scenes with Lesley and Bobbie.

Genie: I know! I can't wait. That's going to be fun for me and Jackie (Zeman, Bobbie). It's been a long time.

Carolyn: You've seen her, too?

Genie: No, I haven't seen Jackie. I spoke with her on her birthday. I was out of the country for 2 1/2 years.

Carolyn: Did anyone recognize you in London?

Genie: No. Nobody knows me in London. That was the first time in my life that I've ever been completely anonymous.

Carolyn: You liked that?

Genie: Well, it was a relief. I didn't realize how much that was present in my life until it was gone. There's a certain freedom about that.

Carolyn: People in Maine must recognize you.

Genie: Yeah, but people in Maine don't care. People in Maine moved up to get away from civilization. They want solitude and they let me have it, too.

Carolyn: So it's not like "Oh, my God, Laura Spencer was at Back to School night!"

Genie: No! I'm just there with the kids being a mom. People know that that's what I want and they let me have it.

Carolyn: But if all goes well at GH, you wouldn't rule out returning someday?

Genie: No, not at all. It's certainly been a pleasant experience so far.

Carolyn: Even though Laura's a grandmother now?

Genie: Yes, I'm 44. I guess it's possible if you had a kid when you were 20. It's a little soon, but I'm fine with that (laughs).