Christmas 1979

[At the Baldwin's. Laura and Scotty made love the night before. Laura walks into their bedroom with a breakfast tray in her hands. Scotty wakes up.]

Scotty: "Hi."

Laura: "Christmas breakfast."

Scotty: "Christmas kiss first."

Laura: [Laughs and sets the tray down.] "Absolutely." [She sits on the bed and they kiss.]

Scotty: "Ohh..." [Laura laughs.] "That's my idea of a Merry Christmas."

Laura: "Well, Christmas Eve wasn't so bad, either, in my opinion."

Scotty: "Yeah. It was like, it was like our wedding night all over again."

Laura: "For me, too."

Scotty: [Cups her face.] "I love you so much." [Kisses her.]

Laura: "I want you to know that the sweetest part of our first Christmas together was you giving me that star for the top of our Christmas tree.

Scotty: "Well, how could I forget our star?"

Laura: "I'm glad you didn't. Because now every year we can put it on the top of our Christmas tree together and think about Christmases past."

Scotty: [He caresses her hair and face.] "Yeah, well, you've got yourself a date."

Laura: "I guess that's, that's the nicest part about being married. Building beautiful memories together for the future.

Scotty: "Listen, there's one thing I want to know, though. Did I make you really happy last night?"

Laura: "Of course you did."

Scotty: "All right, then don't just tell me, show me."

Laura: [Laughs.] "How?"

Scotty: "How? Kisses, kisses."

Laura: "Kisses?"

Scotty: "Yeah."

Laura: "All right, one more kiss and then you have to eat your breakfast."

Scotty: "I don't want breakfast, I want kisses, that's all I want."

Laura: "Scotty, you fool!" [Laughs.] "Your breakfast is going to get cold, you aren't."

Scotty: "Oh, that's for sure."

[Laura laughs and they kiss.]