Cool Hand Luke and Laura

Daytime's dynamic due reunie to spruce up 'General Hospital'

The scene: the set of General Hospital, where Luke and Laura (Anthony Geary and Genie Francis), whose 1981 wedding drew 30 million viewers, have returned after 10 years -- just in time for the November sweeps.

Why This Reunion Should Worry Francis' Hubcap, Jonathan Frakes: "Tony is the best leading man I've ever had in my entire life," says Francis, who's been married five years.

Number of Time the Two Have Met Off-Camera Since Parting in 1984: 2

So, What Have They Been Doing All These Years? Nothing as notable as Demi Moore, who played Jackie Templeton on GH from '82 to '83.

How Do They Recapture The Chemistry? They do jumping jacks before filming a scene that requires them to appear breathless.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Then, he wore lounge-lizard loafers. Now, he wears Doc Martens. Then, they worked an average of 75 hours per week. Now, they work an average of 60 hours a week. Then, he had a perm. Now, he has a perm.

by Malissa Thompson

Caption 3: Couch trip: Francis studies her lines during a break in taping. "If I try to redo my old act, I'll act badly," she says.
Caption 4: The wheel thing: Disguised as an expectant couple, Francis and Geary make their grand re-entrance into General Hospital, with Geary yelling, 'My filly is about to foal!'

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