Daytime TV 1979

“You Haven’t Done Much Kissing, Have You?”

That’s what Kin Shriner told Genie Francis when they did their first love scene

During a recent trip to Chicago, Kin Shriner (Scotty) was forced to change hotels to escape his female fans. And while at the popular Starwood rock club in HOllywood, Kin was mobbed by groupies. Since they were hard, aggressive ladies Kin was totally turned off... He's definitely one sex symbol who doesn't take advantage of his power over women.

Instead, Kin is attracted to soft, feminine types like Genie Francis, who plays his wife Laura on General Hospital. If Kin were to marry, he’d choose a girl just like her, and she admits that Kin is very special in her life. However, their friendship took quite a while to develop.

“When we started working together two years ago, we weren’t close,” Genie recalls. “Kin isn’t someone you get to know the minute you meet him. He warms up to you slowly, which is very much like I am. Now we’re really good friends.”

Would Genie marry someone like Kin? “Yes, I’d pick someone like him, because he has a lot of qualities that are important to me. Especially his wonderful sense of humor. Yet Kin isn’t always joking. He can be very serious, too. I am the same way.”

Genie loves Kin’s wit during working hours. “He’s always doing cute or funny things. In fact, I never make it through the morning rehearsal with a straight face.”

When Genie and Kin first began doing those passionate TV love scenes, Genie was very inexperienced romantically. So, she was extremely nervous, but Kin came to her rescue. “He made those early love scenes very easy for me, because he’s so nice and considerate. But after we’d finished kissing, he joked, ‘You haven’t done much of this, have you?’”

Since neither is dating much, they sometimes go out together “professionally.” When there’s a cast party or some other business-related event, Genie and Kin attend as a duo.

Occasionally, [Kin] goes to psychics to find out the future. Ironically, they've all predicted superstardom but no marriage and family. His devotion to his career prevents him from finding the right girl -- unless Kin can make his unique relationship with Genie a permanent reality.

by Alice Koenigsberg