Daytime TV 1980

On Your Mark… Get Ready… Go Steady!

Genie Francis is taking her first real romance one step at a time

It was General Hospital’s 16th anniversary party but for Genie Francis (Laura) it was a first. It was the first time she’d ever brought a date with her to a GH gathering. And the lucky guy to have that distinguished honor was actor Brodie Greer, who you may have seen when he guested on ChiPs. In the past, Genie, who’s 17, was always escorted by a much older man -- her father -- or by Kin Shriner. Although Genie was on her own at the anniversary party, you can be sure that every cast member was acting as chaperone to make sure that Brodie acted like a proper gentleman.

Genie met Brodie Greer through her agent, and although Genie says, “We’re just very good friends,” she admits they’ve had a few dates together.” When asked whether the couple were going steady, Genie replied, “Not yet, but I’m working on it!” So it sounds like GHers can expect to see a lot of Brodie in the future. Between school work and her demanding role on the show, Genie hasn’t had much opportunity to date, so she has limited experience in the romance department. When she had her first big love scenes with Kin, he teased her, saying, “You haven’t done much of this, have you.” But he made those embarrassing embraces in front of the camera easier for her because, “He was so kind and considerate,” says Genie. Even though lacking much real-life experience, the professional coaching she got on-screen should prove invaluable in her first real-life love.