Days of Our Lives
Scene 1

[At the hospital]

[Kayla Brady and Steve "Patch" Johnson are arguing. Steve finds Diana Colville.]

Kayla: "What? What is it?"

Steve: "Look at this. Look at this."

Kayla: "It's okay. Let me look at you. It's all right."

Diana: "Who are you?"

Kayla: "I'm a nurse. I can help you. It's okay."

Diana: "Who is he?"

Kayla: "He's my friend. He won't hurt you, will you?"

Steve: "What are you doing down here, baby?"

Diana: "Someone's after me. I had to get away."

Steve: "Who's after you?"

Diana: "Please, hide me."

Kayla: "We need to get you back upstairs."

Diana: "No, they'll find me up there."

Kayla: "You need to see a doctor."

Diana: "Get Mike Horton. Please, get Mike Horton."

Kayla: "All right. I'll get him. All right."

Steve: "Go get him, go get him. I'll stay here with her."

[Steve tries to move closer to Diana, but she moves back, scared.]

Steve: "Are you okay?"

Diana: "I'm fine. I have to get out of here."

Steve: "No, no, wait a minute." [He tries to stop her, Diana pulls out a fork.] "Hey, hey. You don't have to be afraid of me."

Diana: "I'm not."

Steve: "Yes, you are. That's okay, baby. I know I don't exactly look like Prince Charming. I probably look more like the dudes that are after you, right? That's good. That's good. Because that means I know how to handle myself with those types, huh?" [He grabs her hand.]

Steve: "Come on. I won't let them get within two feet of you. Come on. Let go." [Diana lets go.]

Steve: "Okay. They really worked you over bad, didn't they?"

Diana: "Yeah. Yeah, I guess you could say that."

Steve: "I've been there a few times myself."

Diana: "What did you do?"

Steve: [Shrugs] "I'm here. I think you're going to be fine."

Diana: "How do you know that?"

Steve: "I know a survivor when I see one."

Diana: "I hope you're right."

[Kayla and Mike Horton arrive.]

Kayla: "There she is, Mike."

Mike: "Diana."

[Mike and Diana hug.]

Diana: "They tried it again. They tried to kill me. Please, Mike. You've got to let me go. I can't stay here anymore."