Days of Our Lives
Scene 11

Phillip: "I hope you don't mind that I suggested Mike take a walk down the estate before lunch."

Diana: "No."

Phillip: "Coffee?"

Diana: "No, thank you."

Phillip: [Serves himself a cup.] "While we're alone, be honest with me and tell me if I understood you correctly. Are you willing to forgive me now?"

Diana: [Hesitates.] "Daddy, we haven't been close for a very long time." [Phillip sighs.] "You know that I promised myself that I would never forgive you. But I can't ignore what you've done for me, I, I really do appreciate it."

Phillip: "It's the least I could do for my own daughter."

Diana: "And I have to admit now that... despite everything that's happened between us, I am convinced that you really do love me." [Tears form in her eyes.]

Phillip: [Voice filled with emotion.] "Are you saying that you'll forgive me?"

Diana: "I'm saying that I'm going to try."

Phillip: "Then, that's all I'll ask of you now. That you try." [They hug.] "Diana, you don't know how lonely I've been all these years. It broke my heart when you turned away from me, cast me out of your life."

Diana: "I think I do know, Daddy."

Phillip: [He kisses her hair. The phone buzzes] "I better get that, darling.

Phillip: "Hello? Yes. I'll take it in the study. Darling, it's an overseas call." [Takes her hands.] "Will you excuse me?"

Diana: [Nods.] "Of course."

Phillip: "I'll be back as soon as I can." [He leaves and goes upstairs.]

[Diana sits on the couch, still overwhelmed.]