Days of Our Lives
Scene 12

[The same day, still in the living area. Diana is pouring a glass of iced tea.]

Pamela: "I can't see you as a society reporter, Diana."

Diana: [Laughs] "I know, neither can I." [She hands her aunt the glass.]

Pamela: "Thank you."

Diana: "But I'm getting used to it." [She sits down on the couch.]

Pamela: "I'm not surprised. You were always a talented young lady."

Diana: "Investigative reporting will always be my first love, though."

Pamela: "Speaking of first love, I was very sorry to hear about your fiance, James."

Diana: "Thank you."

Pamela: "I understand you were very much in love with him and that it broke your heart when he was killed."

Diana: "Losing James was the hardest thing I've ever been through... in my life, but I'm getting over it now. I'm learning that it just doesn't pay to dwell in the past."

Pamela: "Well, you're not only grown older, but I see you're wiser, as well. It takes a lot of maturity to put the past behind you."

Diana: "Well, don't give me that much credit yet. I still carry a picture of him wherever I go."

Pamela: "That's only natural."

Diana: [She opens her purse and takes out the picture.] "I know that one day I will be able to put this picture away for good. And that'll probably be when I can go on with my life."

Pamela: "May I take a look at that? I'd love to see the young man who stole my niece's heart."

Diana: [Smiles] "Sure." [She hands her aunt the picture.]

Pamela: [Gasps] "Is this James?"

Diana: "Yes. What's the matter?"

Pamela: "N-nothing. I, uh... He looks like a very nice young man."

Diana: "Why did you react that way when you saw the picture?"

Pamela: "Well, I didn't quite - I just didn't expect him to be quite so handsome."

Diana: "The truth! You recognize him, don't you?"

Pamela: "For a moment, yes, I thought I did. But... I assure you." [She gets up.] "I was mistaken."

[Diana is not convinced.]