Days of Our Lives
Scene 13

[Mike walks back into the main room after Pamela leaves.]

Mike: "Holy diamond tiara! I mean, this place is magnificent. You shoulda told me that your family coulda put the Ghettys to shame. I might've asked you out in college if I'd known."

Diana: "I never cared that much about the money."

Mike: "Things didn't go that well with your dad, did they?"

Diana: "No, actually, we called sort of a tentative truce."

Mike: "That's terrific!"

Diana: "Yeah, we're just going to see how things go." [She has a faraway look in her eyes.]

Mike: "All right, something else is wrong. What's up?"

Diana: "I had a talk with Aunt Pamela about James."

Mike: "And?"

Diana: "I showed her this picture of James and even though she denied it, I could tell that she recognized him."

Mike: "Hmm. What do you make of that?"

Diana: "I don't know what to make of it. But I can't stop thinking about that leter that we found. You know, the one that James wrote to his employer."

Mike: "The one that said how much he loved you, right?"

Diana: "That's not all he wrote. Do you remember what else the letter said?"

Mike: "Yeah, he asked his boss to let him out. That he couldn't go on doing whatever it was he was doing."

Diana: [Nods] "That's right. And right after that he was killed."

Mike: "Diana, what are you thinking?"

Diana: "I don't know, I... I mean, I know that Aunt Pamela definitely recognized him. And she does work very closely with my father. So I guess it's possible that James could've worked for my father."

Mike: "I suppose it is."

Diana: "But if that's true... then my father could be the one who killed James."