Days of Our Lives
Scene 2

[At Kayla's]

Kayla: "You just get better."

[Knock on door.]

Steve: "Who's there?"

Voice: "Mike."

[Steve opens door.]

Steve: "Is everything cool?"

Mike: "Yeah, everything's cool. Diana, I took care of your records in the hospital. There's no way that anybody's going to trace you here."

Steve: "What about you? You're sure you weren't followed?"

Mike: "Yeah, well, if anyone did they're going to have a ride for their money. I took every back alley and sidestreet I could think of to get here. Looks like we pulled this caper off, huh?"

Diana: "I can't thank you enough." [Sighs.] "I can't believe I'm actually safe somewhere."

Mike: "You should be fine here."

Kayla: "Come on, I'll get you to bed."

Steve: "Now wait a minute, Kayla. Wait a minute here. We've got to get a little information. Let's see. If we're supposed to be protecting you, we're going to need to know who we're protecting you from."

Diana: "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you that. If I told you if would put you in too much danger."

Steve: "I got news for you, baby. We're up to our ears already. We're going to be in a Hell of a lot more danger if you don't tell us who we're dealing with."

Diana: "Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

Steve: "You want me to trust you? I don't even know you. But I might be risking my life for you and the rest of us might be, too. Now come on, you gotta make this thing easier for us. It's the least you can do."

Diana: "Please, try to understand."

Steve: "No, I don't understand! I don't understand why you won't let us give you the best help possible here."

Diana: "I can't."

Steve: "You're going to have to talk to us. You're going to have to tell us."

Mike: "Hey. Hey! She doesn't want to about it now, okay?"

Steve: "She doesn't want to talk about it and rest of us are risking our lives, too, right?"

Mike: "Hey, if you want out, there's the door. Nobody's holding a gun to your head."

Steve: "Not yet, Horton!"

Kayla: "Hey, come on, come on! We don't need to talk about this now. Diana needs her rest. She's been through enough today already. Talk about this later."

Steve: "All right. You take a little rest, baby. But you're going to be talking to me. Look at me." [Diana turns to looks at him.] "I want to know what's going down here. And I want to know soon." [He gets up and leaves.]