Days of Our Lives
Scene 3

[Another day at Kayla's]

Steve: "Just me. Kayla gave me a key. She wanted me to check up on you. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

Diana: "Oh, it's all right. I'm fine."

Steve: "I'm sorry."

Diana: "Oh, it's okay. It's all right."

Steve: "So did, uh, Kayla take off with her boyfriend already?"

Diana: "Um, no. She drove herself. You just missed her, actually." [She gets out of bed and walks slowly to the dresser. She drops something.] "Oh." [She and Steve both bend down.] "I got it."

Steve: "I got it."

Diana: "No, it's--"

Steve: "I got it, I got it." [He finds a ring.]

Steve: "What's this? It looks like an engagement ring."

[Diana takes it from him.]

Steve: "Is it yours?"

Diana: [Pauses.] "Yeah. But it's just a ring."

Steve: "It's not just a ring, baby."

Diana: "I'm sorry. I'm - I'm just a little on edge. You should be around me when no one's trying to kill me. I'm really a very fun girl. Cross my heart and hope to d--"

Steve: "Hey. I know how you feel."

Diana: "I keep telling myself that I should feel lucky to be alive. I just - I just wish that my friend had been that lucky." [She cries. Steve puts his hands on her shoulders.]

Steve: "Listen, baby. You know, if something's happened, you gotta go on with your life, right?"

Diana: [Turns to face him.] "Not until I find out why. That was not an accident. There's absolutely no way that you can tell me that that was an accident."

Steve: "You got me in big trouble here, baby. I came up here to check on you, you're supposed to be resting. If Kayla finds out I got you upset, she's going to bite my head off." [Holds up hand with a couple of fingers bent down.]

Steve: "You see that? She bit that off one time when she was mad at me." [Diana smiles.] "There you go. You're going to be okay."

Diana: "Actually, um, I am kinda tired.

Steve: "Good. You lie down and try to get some rest. I'm going to hang out outside for a while."

Diana: "No, that's okay--"

Steve: "You lie down and get some rest. I'm going to hang out outside for a while."

Diana: "Okay."

Steve: "Okay."

[Diana gets into bed.]

Steve: "It's going to be all right." [He turns out the light and leaves.]