Days of Our Lives
Scenes 4 & 5

Note: There is a time skip here, between the last scene and these.

[At Kayla's]

Diana: "No, he's disappointed me. Again. I don't think he's going to help us, Mike. I don't know why I even though that he would."

Mike: "Well, it's early yet. Maybe he'll still call."

Diana: [scoffs] "No, my father is not one to dwell on a decision."

Mike: "Well maybe you should call him again. And stress how important it is that he sends Kai to help us."

Diana: "I don't know what more I could do or say to help convince him."

Mike: "Diana, I know this is hard for you talking to your father. But it's the only hope we have of nailing Hopkins."

Diana: "Mike, if I could do more I would. I think we just have to accept that fact that he is not going to help us."

[Knock on door. Diana and Mike walk over. Diana opens the door.]

Diana: [surprised] "Kai."

Kai: "Mr. Colville sent me."

[Diana smiles.]

Diana: "Kayla? Come down, quick!"

Mike: "Did Mr. Colville tell you what needs to be done?"

Kai: "He didn't give me any specifics, just that I was to cooperate as much as possible."

[Kayla and Steve join them.]

Steve: "What's all the commotion?"

Diana: "Looks like my father has decided to help us after all."

Kayla: "Great."

Diana: "Steve, Kayla, this is Kai. He's the man that you've been running from."

Steve: "So you're a master of disguises, huh?"

Kai: "One of my specialties."

Steve: "Is one of your specialties trying to blow my brains out?"

Diana: "No, no! He was just pretending. He was working as a double agent. But he made sure that he never hit you."

Steve: "Mhm. I remember. But you came too damn close too many times."

Kai: "If I wanted you dead, you wouldn't be standing there right now."

Steve: "So what do you want me to do, say thanks? You didn't have to play it that real. You nearly scared Kayla here half to death."

Mike: "Look, we don't have time to argue about this now. Now Kai is here and we have work to do."

Steve: "If we can trust him. How do we know he's not playing double agent with Hopkins?"

Diana: "He saved my life. And yours, too."

[Knock on door.]

Steve: "Are we expecting somebody else?"

Kayla: "I don't know. Why don't you go in the guest room and I'll get rid of whoever it is."

[Steve hides. Kayla opens the door. It's Jack Devereaux.]

[He and Steve argue. Jack offers his help. Steve tells everyone he has an idea.]

[At the hospital]

Jack: "Mike's gone to get Dr. Hopkins. It won't be long now before we know exactly why he'd have a senator shot and left for dead."

[In adjacent room]

[Diana places bug on wall. Kayla starts recording.]

Kayla: "Do you think it's going to work?"

Diana: "It usually does if the voices are loud enough for the bug to pick them up."

Voice: "Everything should go according to plan."

[Diana and Kayla grin.]

Voice: "Roman Brady's on his way. I know that there's a lot that can go wrong, but there's no other way to do this. We just have to hope for the best."

[Kayla, Diana, and Mike are listening in as Steve, Roman, and Kai (who is disguised as Senator Devereaux) confront Dr. Simon Hopkins in the adjoining room. Alice Horton walks in, and Hopkins grabs her.]