Days of Our Lives
Scene 6

[Mike runs out after hearing Alice being taken hostage. Diana and Kayla run after him.]

Mike: “I have to do something!”

[Diana grabs him.]

Diana: “Please! You can’t go in there!”

Mike: “That guy’s got a gun on my grandmother! I--”

Diana: “Calm down.”

Kayla: “You could make things worse. He could panic and pull a gun on her, is that what you want?”

Mike: “I just can’t stand by and do nothing.”


Kayla: “Well, Roman’s in there. He’s handled these kinds of situations before.”

Mike: “What’s he going to do, man? That guy’s a maniac! He’s got a gun against her head!”

Diana: “Mike, Dr. Hopkins is a friend of your grandmother’s--”

Mike: “He’s not a friend, he’s a maniac!”

Diana: “But he knows her, and he has feelings for her, so he probably won’t hurt her.”

[Jack comes rushing over to Mike.]


Jack: “Mike, I called police headquarters. Abe Carter’s on his way with a swat team.”

Mike: “Yeah, well, they better get here soon.”

Kayla: “Well, don’t worry, now. At least she’s not there by herself. Steve and Roman are in there.”

Diana: “That’s right. They’re not going to let anything happen to her.”

Kayla: “Diana’s right. Simon Hopkins doesn’t have a chance against the three of them.”

Mike: “I’ve got to get in there!” Something’s gone wrong now! There’s a nutcase who’s got a gun on my grandmother!”


Kayla: “Mike! Come on, calm down!”

Diana: “Hopkins is desperate. The slightest little thing could push him over the edge. Now I know you want to help but you might end up making things worse.”

Kayla: “She’s right.” [Turns her head and sees Tom Horton.] “Besides, I think there’s something more important you need to do right now.

[Diana and Kayla move so Mike can talk to his grandfather.]

Tom: “Hi. What’s going on here? What’s this emergency situation?”

Mike: “Grandpa, Hopkins is in there. He’s got a gun and he’s taken a hostage.”

Tom: [Shocked.] “Simon? I don’t believe it. He’s taken a hostage, you say?”

Mike: “Yes.”

Tom: “Well, who’s in there with him?”

Mike: “Grandma.”


Kayla: “How’d Dr. Horton take it?”

Mike: “Like the pro that he is. But I gotta tell you something. This is the first time I’ve ever seen my grandpa scared. I just wish we knew what was going on in there.”