Days of Our Lives
Scene 10

[At Phillip Colville's home.]

Diana: "He said he would be right down."

Mike: "You don't exactly feel at home here, do ya?"

Diana: "Nope, and I never will. I probably should have never accepted my father's invitation.

Mike: "But you did. And that says something."

Diana: [Turns around to face him.] "I agreed to this luncheon so that I could feel my father out a little more. I can't shake these suspicions."

Mike: "Diana, it's all right to want to see your father. You don't have to use these 'suspicions' as an excuse to wanting to see him."

Diana: "You know me pretty well, but I think you're wrong."

Mike: "Am I?"

Diana: "Okay, I think that he deserves a thank you." [Phillip enters the room, but Diana doesn't see him.] "He went out on a limb for me. He did more for me than I ever thought he would. And I realize now that he was doing it out of love for me, and I can't deny that anymore."

Phillip: [Smiling.] "Hello, Diana." [Diana turns around, startled.] "Mike, I'm glad you could come."

Mike: "We, uh, appreciate the invitation, sir."

Phillip: "Diana, tell me the truth, now. Are my ears deceiving me or did I hear you just say that you understand how I feel? Does this mean you're finally ready to accept me back into your life?"