Against All Odds:
The Love Story of Roman and Diana

Chapter 1: Diana Comes To Salem

Reporter Diana Colville entered Salem University Hospital beaten and comatose. When Diana regained consciousness, she refused to tell anyone who was responsible for her condition, even her old college friend Mike Horton. When there was another attempt on her life, it seemed that Kai, a mysterious man seen lurking in the hospital, might have assaulted her. Then, against doctor's orders, Diana left the hospital. Patch and Kayla found her in a state of near collapse. Diana refused to return to the hospital, so Kayla brought her back to her loft to hide out. Meanwhile, Mike's research lab was mysteriously destroyed by a bomb, and Diana saw a link between that and her fiancé's death. Frightened, she confided in Mike Horton that her fiancé, Dr. James Dixon, had been murdered on his way to Salem for a medical conference.

Chapter 2: The First Encounter

Still living in Kayla's loft, Diana investigated the destruction of the lab. She and Mike went through James's papers and found an unusual computer disc. Diana took the disc to Kimberly Donovan, hoping that her husband, Shane, could help decipher it. Meanwhile, throught other channels, Victor learned that Diana had the disc he'd been looking for. Victor instructed Dr. Simon Hopkins, who'd recently joined the staff at University Hospital, to get the disc. Simon sent thugs over to the Donovans where Diana and Kim were examining the disc. Luckily, Kim's brother, Dr. Roman Brady, a detective on the Salem police force and a former ISA agent, arrived at the house with Shane and intercepted the armed men. This was the first significant meeting between Roman and Diana. Shortly after, Mike's girlfriend, Dr. Robin Jacobs, was attacked in her lab while working on the disc -- which disappeared.

Chapter 3: Untangling the Maze

Meanwhile, Patch and Kayla had been investigating the near death of Senator Harper Deveraux. In their search, Patch and Kayla found documents which linked Diana and Dr. Simon Hopkins to Kava Chemical Corporation. Unbeknownst to Diana, her father, wealthy Phillip Colville, had made her Kava's largest shareholder.

Back in Salem, Diana and Mike kidnapped Kai, who had been stalking her. But before they could get any information from him, Roman Brady arrived to free Kai. Diana exchanged angry words with the police captain. Shortly afterward, Diana discovered that Kai was hired by her father to act as her bodyguard. When confronted, Kai finalled revealed that Simon and James were co-conspirators in a plot to steal the computer disc -- and that Simon had murdered James. Diana then worked alongside Patch and Kayla to snag the corrupt Dr. Hopkins and his cohort, FBI agent Ed Daniels. Roman and Kai helped expose the pair, and Roman shot and killed Hopkins at University Hospital. Soon after, Kai was mysteriously murdered. Although Diana wanted to investigate Ed Daniels, Roman stopped her. Brady was already looking into the FBI agent's illegal activities. But once again, Roman and Diana were at odds with one another.

Chapter 4: An Independent Woman

Their frustration with each other grew when Roman criticized Diana for her irresponsible reporting. Then Diana moved out of Kayla's loft into a condo owned by mobster Victor Kiriakis. Fearing for his daughter's safety, Phillip Colville asked Roman to convince Diana to move out of Victor's grasp. Roman tried, but Diana told him to stay out of her life. Then fate intervened. Roman's daugher, Carrie, fell out of a boat. Diana rescued her, and Roman gave Diana a small life-preserver charm to show his gratitude. Diana wore it around her neck from then on. There was a brief truce, but the battle began anew when Roman asked Diana to spy on Victor.

Chapter 5: Love At Last

Diana learned that James was also working for Victor at the time of his death. At last, she was ready to help Roman investigate Kiriakis. She feigned an interest in the mogul, and twice accompanied him to Greece, hoping to learn more about the missing disc. Roman followed. While Victor met with a veiled mystery woman who vowed to destroy him, Roman and Diana were both frightened and worried about the other's safety - but insisted their concern was purely professional.

By now, Roman was anxious that Victor would catch on to the fact that Diana was spying on him. In case of a mishap, Roman instructed Diana to place an oil lamp in her window. That will be our signal, he told her tenderly, as they walked through the sunlit ruins. Diana assured Roman that she'd be fine alone with Victor, but soon Victor pressured her to make love to him. Diana quickly put the lamp in the window and Roman had some passing children toss a ball through the glass, and Diana was saved from Kiriakis's advances.

Meanwhile, the black-clad, veiled, mystery woman instructed Roman to get Diana out of Greece. Then she drugged him. Diana found Roman unconscious and prayed for his recovery as her real feelings for him finally surfaced. After he recuperated, Roman spotted the woman, and they followed her to an ancient fortress where they were trapped. Danger was a powerful aphrodisiac. Surrounded by the relics of the fortress's ancient past, the two finally succumbed to their passion and made love.
They were unable to deny their attraction to each other and although they knew they were in perilous circumstances, they again made love in a forest. This time, Roman sensed something profound had happened. He walked to the edge of a sea bluff and removed the wedding ring Marlena had given him. With a tear-stained face, he tossed the gold band into the bright blue sea. He was ready to get on with his life and leave the past behind.

Chapter 6: Victor's Revenge

Victor had seen their tryst in the woods and vowed revenge. Meanwhile, Roman and Diana explored the fortress and discovered workers mining ore that was used in manufacturing the disc. After an attempt on their lives, Diana was taken prisoner. Now in possession of the disc, the mystery woman ordered the fortress to be destroyed. Unbeknownst to Diana, Roman was left to die in the explosion. Luckily, he freed himself in time to see Diana and the mystery woman escaping. Roman instinctively fired at Diana's veiled captor and retrieved the disc. A horrified Ms. Colville then discovered that Roman had shot her mother, Serena. Later, at the hospital, Captain Brady had to give his lover some bad news: Serena had to be arrested. Diana announced that their relationship would be over if Roman allowed her mother to go to prison.

The lovers fought while a paralyzed Serena tried to recover from her surgery. Meanwhile, Victor promised Diana he would free her mother if Diana would marry him. Diana reluctantly agreed, and returned the life-preserver charm to a devastated Roman. On the night Victor announced his engagement to Diana, Roman challenged her to deny her desire for him. Taking her in his arms, he danced a sensuous tango which ended in a lingering kiss. "I hope you're getting what you want," he said before leaving her.

Chapter 7: The Wedding That Wasn't

The day of Diana's wedding to Victor arrived. Captain Brady pretended to get drunk, but just before the ceremony, a sober Roman abducted Diana. He took her to an abandoned cabin where their hunger for each other could be satisfied. In spite of their closeness, Diana still insisted that she was going to marry Victor. "Not if I can help it," Roman proclaimed as he handcuffed her to the bed. But Diana escaped and returned to Victor. She overheard Victor and her mother plotting, and rushed back to Roman in tears.

Now she was ready to cooperated with Captain Brady. She feigned a reunion with Victor and moved back in with him. She overheard Kiriakis plan a meeting with Ed Daniels on the Salem pier. Brady decided to attend. Unfortunately, Diana's father, Phillip, also showed up. In the ensuing chaos, Phillip was shot and killed by Ed Daniels. From the shadows, Roman emerged, fired and killed Daniels. A grief-stricken Diana sobbed in Roman's arms.

Chapter 8: Peru

Diana inherited her father's vast fortune, and became a target for Serena and Victor, who lured her to South America. It appeared that Serena had been kidnapped and ransom money was necessary to buy her freedom, so Diana flew to Peru with ten million dollars. Once there, her suitcase of cash was taken from her by local police, who accused her of theft. As she tried to prevent the robbery, she shot one of the officers and was arrested for murder. While in jail, she spotted the "dead" officer and knew she had been framed. Fortunately, Roman had followed her, and with Justin and Adrienne's help, he was able to stage a helicopter escape from prison. But they had to make an emergency landing on a deserted island. Roman and Diana found the atmosphere romantic and, once again, she was his.

Chapter 9: Keeping Secrets

Diana was broke and Victor had her money. So she agreed to move in with Roman - but insisted it was only temporary. While Diana resented the chores that Roman assigned her, he was aggravated when she wrote a story on him.

Meanwhile, vowing revenge on Victor, Diana decided to steal an icon that belonged to the Kiriakis family. Giving Roman the slip, Diana switched a fake icon for the real thing. Then Diana anonymously made plans with Victor to exchange the icon for money. Dressed in a wet suit which hid her identity, Diana swam out to Kiriakis's dinghy to make the trade. After he had the icon, Victor tried to murder her, but once again, Roman (who had been alerted by a mysterious phone call) arrived in the nick of time. Diana was triumphant. She had gotten her money, and survived. But Roman was incensed. Knowing that Diana stole the icon prevented him from arresting Victor. The lovers quarreled, and Diana impulsively moved out of the house. She then tried to win him over by seducing him, but this time, Roman pulled back.

Chapter 10: Stormy Weather

Now estranged from Diana, Roman faced career problems. He was passed over for a promotion and suspected police corruption. He confided his "disappointment" to Bianca Torres, the daughter of a prominent crime boss. It was part of his undercover plan to bring down the Torres family. He wanted to indicate dissatisfaction with his job in order to have them approach him with a bribe. It worked. Meanwhile, Diana began an article about police corruption and found herself wondering if Roman was involved.

When Roman and Diana both showed up at the Torres party, their attraction to each other was obvious. Wary of his new employee, Torres ordered Roman to shoot Diana as a test of loyalty. For the first time, Roman went to Diana for help. She agreed to a fake shooting, and after it occurred, went into hiding in a deserted lighthouse. When Roman visited her there, they dressed up in old clothing, and then made passionate love. But with a storm raging outside, Diana was taken ill. Roman rowed the fevered and delirious Diana back to the mainland. Back in Salem, Mike Horton removed Diana's appendix, and Roman brought her home to recuperate.

But the Torres family was still at large and Diana was in danger. After several attempts were made on her life (and Roman saved her), Diana and Roman impulsively decided to go to the Bahamas together.

Chapter 11: The Corners of His Mind

During their romantic interlude on the island, Roman began to experience flashes of memory. Years before, he had been shot by Stefano DiMera. At that time, all of Salem believed he was dead, but after two years and plastic surgery, Roman returned as an amnesiac. He chose the name John Black (although he was referred to as The Pawn), and slowly assumed his former identity as his memory came back.

In the tropical atmosphere, Roman began to remember bits of that lost time. Back in Salem, the memories continued to haunt him. When Brady began to slip into trances, Diana was horrified. She could not break through Roman's panicked hostility toward her. While in his trance, he didn't recognize her.

Determined to fill in the blanks in his own past, Roman began to investigate all clues concerning the Pawn. e also went to Kimberly and begged his sister to hypnotize him. She did, and a violent alter ego emerged. "I am waiting for your orders, master," Roman intoned as a stunned Diana watched the man she loved transformed into an automaton. Fearing for Diana's safety, Kim taught Diana to hypnotiza Roman - the only way to bring him out of the dangerous trance-state.

Roman realized something serious was afoot when the ISA was unable to produce copies of his file - it had been erased. Also, postcards from the Orient arrived which triggered Roman's trances. But still, neither he nor Diana knew what caused Roman to change personality. Then, on his birthday, a tiny pagoda arrived at Brady's house. Looking at the object, Roman "went under." Almost immediately, Diana began to realize that the pagoda was in fact the catalyst.

Chapter 12: Ties To The Past

It became clear that his past was tied in some way to Benjy, the deaf boy befriended by Kayla and Patch when they were on their honeymoon in the Orient. In addition, a mysterious man, Orion, arrived in Salem, searching for the old Roman Brady. They were reunited, and Roman remembered that Orion had been his Kung Fu master during his lost years. Then it was revealed that Benjy was Orion's grandson. Now Roman knew that Benjy and Orion were important links to his past. But they were both kidnapped by the boy's father before Roman got any answers. In addition, Roman became fearful. He worried that he might have killed Benjy's mother, Ellen.

At this point, the situation was further complicated when clues began to surface suggesting that Marlena might not be dead, after all. Diana was the obvious target of these hints. Meanwhile, Roman realized that a gold ring was another key to his past.

Chapter 13: A Proposal

Although Roman didn't know it at the time, Drew Donovan, Shane's ne'er-do-well twin brother, was directly tied to this dilemma. But Roman was preoccupied with his problems at work. The trances were affecting his ability to perform as a cop. He was temporarily suspended from the force when, in a hypnotic state, he handed his gun over to a gang member who he had placed under arrest.

Through a series of "coicidences," Roman's daughter, Carrie, ended up with the ring he was looking for. One night, while she was working late with Diana at the newspaper, Carrie was attacked. Thinking quickly, Diana threw chemicals on the assailant. He retaliated by setting fire to the building. Luckily, the fire department arrived in time, and Diana and Carrie jumped out a window into a safety net. Diana had to be hospitalized. Going to her bedside, Roman casually proposed. He told her how he wanted them to have a future together. Diana hesitated. She was nervous about the thought of becoming mother to his three children.

Diana was also fearful that Marlena was back in the picture. After all, she reasoned, Marlena's body had never been found. Then, while Diana was sleeping, a mysterious woman slipped into her hospital room and left behind a bouquet of lilacs. When Alice Horton saw them, she innocently remarked that they were Marlena's favorite flower. Diana felt more haunted than ever and said she wasn't ready for marriage. Roman thought she had a problem making a commitment and doubted her love for him. Once again, the two were on differente wave lengths.

Chapter 14: The Mystery Woman Appears

Diana hoped that her suspicions that Marlena was in Salem would be confirmed by Shane and Kimberly's Halloween party. When a caped woman appeared there and beckoned her to follow, Diana thought that Marlena would reveal herself.

But the "woman" in question turned out to be Drew.

Later on that evening, everyone realized Carrie was missing. A note was delivered to Roman and the Donovan house. The message read: "Your child for mine." Obviously, Benjy's father had abducted Carrie. Thought Kayla sympathized with her brother's plight, she steadfastly refused to allow Roman to trade Benjy for Carrie.

Chapter 15: The Phoenix

No one realized that Drew was secretly working for Benjy's father - Stefano DiMera. The evil criminal, known as The Phoenix, wasn't dead, after all. As Roman's memory began to return, he deduced that Stefano was behind the trouble and realized that he must go to the site of his "death" - Stefano's Island - and get the kids back. He and Diana traveled to the island, and as they explored it, fell through an elevator shaft into Stefano's compound. They were instructed to dress for dinner. Roman was shocked when Diana donned a dress that was an exact duplicate of Marlena's. Sick of Stefano's games, Roman demanded to see his daughter, but DiMera insisted that Brady wouldnt' see Carrie until Benjy was returned to him. Meanwhile, Diana was led to an exact replica of Roman's house. Sitting on the couch was "Marlena." But Diana was knocked out before she could confront her. Later, Diana awoke in Roman's arms.

Stefan was enjoying his cat-and-mouse game, unaware that Brady's memory was gradually returning. Roman recalled that the ring was presented to him when he (along with two others) became one of Stefano's "soldiers".

Chapter 16: Family Reunion

Back in Salem, Drew posed as Shane, and took Benjy to Stefano's island. Patch and Kayla pursued them, and were captured. Shane deduced his brother was involved with DiMera, and quickly went to the island. Kimberly followed, and soon all of the Bradys were gathered around Stefano's dinner table.

Shane was forced to reveal his long-kept secret: Years earlier, while on assignment for the ISA, Shane had chosen to rescue Drew, not Roman, when both men were in mortal danger. Also, Shane confessed that when all of Salem thought that Roman was dead, Donovan knew otherwise, but kept quiet and let the Brady family grieve. The revelation caused dissension among DiMera's prisoners. To add fuel to the fire, Stefano announced that Roman caused Benjy's deafness by hesitating to carry out his orders. It was Roman's fault that Benjy was trapped in a near fatal explosion, Stefano revealed. Ever since, Stefan has wanted revenge.

Chapter 17: Déjà Vu

Stefano and Roman struggled once again on the cliff. This time, Roman could have destroyed DiMera, but spotted Diana being held prisoner, and he let Stefano go. Meanwhile, Patch, Kayla, Carrie and Benjy escaped. Roman struggled to resist the power of the pagoda, but wasn't sure if his will was stronger than his programming. When Stefano ordered the executions of Shane and Kimberly, Roman almost shot them, but resisted at the last moment. They escaped and left the island with Drew. Diana was his next target, but again, Brady's will prevailed. At that moment, Roman remembered that Drew was responsible for the explosion that caused Benjy's injury. Stefano now realized that Roman was no longer in his power. DiMera decided to leave the island by helicopter and then blow up the compound. In order to save Marlena, Diana confessed to Roman that she had seen his wife, and Brady rushed back to find her.

Chapter 18: In Search of Marlena

Roman entered "his" house intending to save Marlena. Instead, he found a wig, cape and perfume - proof that someone had been masquerading as his wife. Diana hadn't seen Marlena, after all, Roman concluded. Meanwhile, Roman assumed that Diana had followed his orders and left the island with Shane and Kimberly. He had no idea that she was left on the island. When he found she was missing, he returned to the compound, which had been blown to pieces. However, a video screen was playing a message from Stefano announcing that their "game" would indeed continue in Salem.

Chapter 19: The Choice

True to his word, Stefano soon revealed that he was holding Diana at a mountain cabin. He instructed Roman to join him there and make a choice - he could have either Diana or Marlena. Whoever is left will be mine, DiMera threatened. Roman told Stefano unless he released Diana he would never see Benjy again. But then Benjy (who had stowed away in Roman's jeep and accompanied to the cabin) came out of hiding, and Roman was forced to play along with DiMera. Alone, Roman was visited by a mysterious woman. Then Stefano announced it was time to choose. Roman refused to choose. Stefano tried to force Roman to comply. But Benjy saw his father attack Roman and said, "You're the bad one." His son's rejection was the last straw for Stefano, who agreed to let Roman and Diana go. But before they left, Benjy brought them to the mystery woman's hiding place and they learned she was in fact an actress who had been hired by Stefano to impersonate Marlena.

Chapter 20: Together At Last

Finally able to put the past behind them, Roman and Diana became engaged on Christmas Day. The Bradys welcomed Diana into the clan as Roman extended a hand of friendship to Shane. Roman and Diana went to get a marriage license and discovered that there was no death certificate for Marlena. Roman went to Florida and was finally issued Marlena's death certificate. At long last, the past and all of its uncertainties were put to rest with that document. Roman returned to Salem, committed to a life with Diana.

Chapter 21: The Wedding

With a tear-stained face, Roman reached for the hand of his bride. Looking more lovely than ever before, Diana turned and faced Roman and smiled. Their adventures and countless tribulations wre only memories now. They had found the security and tranquility both had sought for so many years: true love.

by Mimi Leahey
Soap Opera Digest, February 21, 1989