Fan Encounters: Ann

Last month [September 6, 2006] a friend and I were in Maine on vacation. We went through Belfast, Maine and stopped at "The Cherished Home" (Genie's new home decor shop that had recently opened there.)

We felt we would be thrilled just to get to see the store and to learn what Genie's decorating tastes are. To our great surprise and delight Genie and a friend were just arriving as we stepped out of our car. We each got to meet her ,once inside the shop.

She is as warm and kind and as lovely as you'd hope she'd be. I was pretty much in awe and was rendered nearly speechless. Ha Ha. Here are two photos I took of her shop. I am happy for her and her family....that they now get to live in such a lovely area of New England and she has been able to make her dream of owning such a business come true. Long live Genie Francis and much happiness to her and her loved ones !