Fan Encounters: Sharon

I was really thrilled to see her in person. I actually saw Johnathon first. He was walking around in a baseball cap. He still looked cute though. We were waiting in line for the 1 hour spinning restaurant at the Land exhibit in Epcot. Even with a reservation we had a 30 minute wait. I spotted JF first and told my husband. He was thrilled. The woman in front of me in line with a big hat on turned to me and spoke. ( she heard me telling my husband about her husband.) If she had not turned I would not have recognized her. She asked me about my children. It was her and I was too in awe to say much other than very brief answers. She was very nice and very beautiful. I saw her two kids later in the day with the same park employee that was with them earlier. JF spoke to my husband and him being a huge fan was very impressed at how nice and normal he was. I will be a Genie fan forever. She was also very caring with her kids just like any mom would be. I truly was impressed with her.