Interview with Drake Hogestyn

Genie: "I think that, just that I'm very different. You know, I took a break from television."

Interviewer: "Yes."

Genie: "And I came back stronger, I think. I needed that time away and, um, I'm coming back as a much older person. I'm playing a grown-up woman instead of a teenager. So hopefully just my own maturity adds a new flavor. It's a little bit more sophisticated, the humor is a little bit more sophisticated."

Interviewer: "Drake, tell us a little bit about the special chemistry that works between you and Genie to make those passionate scenes so wonderful for us."

Drake: "It's kind of hard to describe what chemistry is. We genuinely like each other." [To Genie.] "At least I like you, you like me?"

Genie: [Smiles.] "Yeah, I do."

[Interviewer laughs.]

Drake: "Okay, she likes me. We have fun and we goof around. I goof around, I use practical jokes on her all the time. But I think because we like each other that's going to translate onto the screen. Hopefully if the writing's there and everything else. The scenes, the passionate scenes are, they make me squirm a little bit. You got a bunch of people watching and all that stuff. And, and..." [Turns to Genie.] "Genie?"

[They all laugh.]