Good Morning America
November 14, 1983

Jane Pauly: "It's 18 after 8. No other couple has captured the hearts and imaginations of the people who watch daytime television like the now legendary Luke and Laura. Two years ago when Luke Spencer and Laura Baldwin got married on General Hospital, their wedding drew in more viewers than any program in the history of daytime TV. But now - but not long after those nuptials, Laura disappeared. We saw her last walking into a dense fog on a dock pier. Later one of her boots - soggy but still recognizable - washed up on shore. Well, today Laura returns to General Hospital and recently I talked to Genie Francis, who plays the role of Laura, and Tony Geary, who plays the part of Luke. I asked Genie what it was like for her to go back to the show after nearly two years away from it."

Genie Francis: "Well, uh, actually it's been a lot of fun. It's like, uh, sort of like going home week. And in some way it's like visiting my childhood because I grew up there."

JP: "Tony what about you? Is it nice having your long-lost... lady, your leading lady back in your arms?"

Anthony Geary: "We've had a really good time the last four weeks. There's been a lot of humor. I don't I've laughed so hard in a long time. It's been pretty dry there in terms of humor without my old lady."

[GF laughs.]

JP: "What do you it is about those two characters, your two characters, that people respond to so strongly?"

GF: "I think that they're so much in love that, uh, it's the way everybody dreams that they will one day fall in love." [Turns to look at AG.] "Don't you think?"

AG: "I don't know if I'd like to fall in love the way these characters are in love. It's pretty obsessive. It's a nice, warm feeling to play with."

JP: "Can you tell us anything about how Luke is going to respond to Laura when she comes back and everyone thought she was dead?"

AG: "Uh... well, I think he's happy to see her." [He and GF laugh.] "It's... well, you know, uh, it's pretty exciting stuff. I think we're some really... really classically romantic stuff, uh, in the four weeks that Genie's with us - five weeks that Genie's with us - and to kind of tip that way is not quite right 'cause we've all worked very hard and the atmosphere on the set with the crew and the cast and everything has been very special. So, uh, I'd kinda like to keep the mystery going."

JP: "Is there any chance that Laura's going to be sticking around Port Charles any longer?"

GF: "No, not this time."

JP: "No? Not this time?"

GF: "Nope." [Shakes head.]

JP: "Do you have any regrets at all about leaving the show?"

GF: "No, I really don't. After five years I was exhausted and it was time for me to go. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to come back for a little while."

JP: "Tony... you know, we do know that your contract is also coming up I belive next month. I mean, we hear rumors that you don't want to be Luke Spencer anymore. What's the story?"

AG: "I'm a pretty much an animal of instincts and, uh, impulsive moves and we've been negotiating for a long time. ABC and the show's been very generous in their offers. It's a matter now of my deciding if it's, for me personally it would be the right move to go or stay and I haven't come to that decision... yet."

JP: "They're doing everything they can to get you to stay, right?"

AG: "They offered Paraguay. I'm holding out for Brazil." [He and GH laugh.]

JP: "Let's say if you were going to leave the show and you could write your own exit - your script - of how, what your demise would be.. what would you do?"

AG: [To GF] "What would you do?"

GF: "What would I do?"

AG: "Yeah."

GF: "Well, I want to see Laura have a happy ending, for once. So, uh, just as long as it was a happy ending, I'd be pleased."

AG: "Yeah. I kinda like the idea of them sorta taking off together and continuing the legacy of the romance."

JP: "Off into the sunset?"

AG: "Well, yeah. You know, it's been a very - almost like a gothic novel this romance. And so, to not give it a truly romantic tie-up in the classical sense of romance I think would be a cheat. And I think we're getting an opportunity to do that now that Genie's back."

JP: "Ohh, I can tell that we're going to have to tune in tomorrow to see. Listen, it's been nice talking with you again. We're going to be watching for it. And thanks a lot."

AG: "Thank you."

GF: "Thank you."

JP: "Byebye."

GF and AG: "Bye."