The PCPD arrest Stefan at the Grille

[At the Port Charles Grille.]

Mac: “Stefan Cassadine, you’re under arrest for the murder of Chloe Morgan.”

Stefan: “Arrest?”

[Ned lunges for Stefan. A cop holds him back. Mac holds Stefan back.]

Stefan: “I didn’t do it!”

Stefan: “Nikolas. Help me. Please, Nikolas. Speak up now. Before it’s too late. She will do the same thing to you some day. She has no loyalty.”

Nikolas: [Gets up.] “You. Get away from my grandmother.”

Mac: “All right, all right. Let’s go. Time to go, Stefan, come on.”

Stefan: “Nikolas…” [He stops at Laura’s table.] “Laura, I didn’t do this. It was Helena. She is dangerous to us all. Please, you have to convince Nikolas of this.”

Mac: “Get him out of here.”

Stefan: “Please. Help him. Before it’s too late.” [They take him away. Taggert reads him his rights.] “Help him!”