Intimate Portrait

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The following transcribed missing clips were at Lifetime TV's website.

Interview Clip #1:
I really wanted people to see what I was capable of doing. And I built Laura on all of my need to be loved. Laura was all about… she was making heart. Looking to belong somewhere. And that was my jumping off point. And Gloria saw that in me, and decided to push me as the young heroine.

Interview Clip #2:
When I quit school to be able to work more for them, I guess a lot of the people on the show felt bad that I wouldn’t have a graduation, that I would never, you know, have a cap and gown and what not. And they threw a graduation for me. Oh, God, it was so sweet. Oh. I still remember John Beradino, who actually put on a cap and gown, and stood there like that and handed me my diploma. It was also a surprise; I didn’t know anything about it. They kept me in the make-up room, and they set it all up in the green room. And then they brought me out. And everybody was there, and actually, even my parents came to that. It was, it was really sweet. They gave me this great diploma, which was very silly, welcoming me to working long, hard hours and drinking too much coffee and learning how to play darts. [Laughs] It was very sweet. I still have it.

Interview Clip #3:
Because I knew that people would view it as a failure. And in fact I was actually called a failure by, um,… Jane Pauley… [Laughing]… called me a failure, on the air. [Laughs] She did, she did, I swear to God. She did. And they put me on that morning show and she was interviewing me and, you know, she said, ‘Well, you know you left the most popular show to go to this not so popular show and you left at the peak of popularity and not much has happened since. So, how does it feel to have to go back, Genie?’ [Laughs] Oh, God. And you cut to me, and you can pretty much see me start to cry. [Laughs] That was a tough interview, it was brutal. But that’s that whole thing, that’s how it goes in a career. They build you up, they tear you down, they build you up, they tear you down. I’ve had a few peaks and valleys already.

Interview Clip #4:
And I remember before my opening night, you know, strapping on the baby, getting ready to go out there… It was the bravest thing I’ve ever done in my life, because nobody thought I could it. I had auditioned for many years in New York, or for many months in New York, and gotten to the second callback, always. And then something right before -- they’d just panic and not be able to go ahead with it. So this was a big, big moment for me. And I was backstage at the ?? Theatre, just about to throw up, shaking in the knees, quaking in my body, and boy that’s the time you really know what you’re made of and that’s the time you go so back to the craft. If I don’t get so fully involved with moment to moment, if I’m not 100% concentrated on moment to moment, I’m lost [laughs], because the panic will overtake me, and I won’t be able to speak. So the fear, really, you know how they talk about actors needing to be afraid, it’s true, you know. The fear propelled me to a higher level of work. And I got to see what I was made of. And that it was good stuff, and I got my wings. That was my personal dream, the fulfillment of my personal dream.

Interview Clip #5:
I think that Jonathan has a huge heart and Jonathan accepts me totally and completely, the bad and the good. And there just haven’t been too many people like that in my life, you know? So this was… I knew when I had something good, you know? There’s a real love, a real friendship, a real need for one another there.