Location, Location, Location

Okay, so Scotty and Laura's June, 1979 wedding in Port Charles park was actually taped in the GENERAL HOSPITAL studio. But the newlyweds' Hollywood honeymoon, taped on-location at L.A.'s favorite tourist spots, brought back and found memories for their portrayers, Kin Shriner (Scotty) ande Genie Francis (Laura).

Back then, Scotty was an ambitious law student, and Laura was his teenage bride. "Yes, young love. Love conquers all was the theme to the whole thing," reminisces Shriner. "Even though Lee [Hansen] and everybody were against the wedding. We were too young to get married, they said. But in Scotty's fantasyland, we believed that love would conquer all. Unbeknownst to us, the evil was coming, disguised with curly hair and disco clothes," cracks the actor of his former co-star, Anthony Geary, whose Luke would soon sweep Laura off her feet and out of Scotty's arms forever.

"We did the whole honeymoon outdoors," Shriner continues. "Scotty and Laura went to Hollywood. We shot at Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the beach, and we went rolle-skating at Venice Beach. We were all over the place."

"That was so fun," smiles Francis. "We were the first to really do something like that. We were so young."

"And she still looks the same," grins her on-screen ex.