Laura and Scotty shoot pool

[At Jake's.]

Laura: "If you wanted to teach me how to shoot pool, why not just bring me here at night? I mean, why did you feel it was necessary to rent the whole place out?" [Laughs.]

Scotty: "Well, I'll tell you why. Because I find that when people learn a new sport, you know, the basics of a sport, they don't want to do it in a crowd, you know, with people watching them, making fun of them. Right?" [Laura nods, amused.] "So, now. If you take to the sport, and you like it, you know, we can come back once a week and then you can get really good and then one day you'll come in here and, you know, beat everybody. They'll say, 'Where'd she get that game from?'" [Laura laughs.] Okay, so, now, first of all, that's what we gotta do - we gotta rack 'em. Here's the rack, this is the rack."

Laura: "Mhmm."

Scotty: "We take the balls down at this end down here. All in here. Now, see? They're racked.

Laura: [Nods.] "Mhmm."

Scotty: "Now we take the rack off -- very important. The next step is the cue ball." [He holds it up.] "This is the most important ball of all. Put that down here, all right?"

Laura: "Mhmm."

Scotty: "Now, we've got to get you a stick. Here's a stick. Okay, now, come around here [he takes her hand, leads her to one end of the pool table] take the stick in your hands, okay?"

Laura: "Mhmm."

Scotty: "Now, okay, so you come over here like this."

Laura: "Mhmm."

Scotty: "There you go. Put your hand down like that. Just like I did. Just mimic me, okay?"

Laura: "Yeah, yeah."

Scotty: "Okay, there."

Laura: "Like that."

Scotty: "Okay, now you just -- No, but don't, don't do anything stupid yet." [Laura laughs.] "Now, just eye the thing there, see?"

Laura: "Okay."

Scotty: "See how you just eye it, and you pick a spot down there that you want to just hit."

Laura: "Okay."

Scotty: "Okay."

Laura: "Ready?"

Scotty: "Okay, now, wait, wait, wait, wait. See how that works?"

Laura: "Yeah, I--"

Scotty: "See? You got it?"

Laura: "Yeah, I see. I got it."

Scotty: "Okay, now I'm going to stand over here and watch you, all right?"

Laura: "Oh. All right."

Scotty: "Okay."

Laura: "Ready?"

Scotty: "Okay." [Laura breaks. Scotty's impressed.] "Oh. That was good. That was a good shot."

Laura: "Thanks. Beginner's luck." [They smile.]

Scotty: "Okay, now, see, I chalk up the stick. Very important. Now, what I'm going do is I'm going to go after the 4 ball there. Now just watch, okay?"

Laura: "That looks impossible."

Scotty: "Well, maybe to a beginner, but to someone of my caliber it's, you know, a piece of cake. Now watch -- watch, watch, watch the way I stroke the stick. Very important." [Laura laughs.] "All right. Now, see this?" [He shoots. He misses.] "Oh, well, what just happened there was, um, the topspin, see. I put too much topspin on. I hadn't even gotten into the spin department with the topspin, backspin. That's a very complicated thing, and what I did was I -- I just --"

Laura: "Yeah, isn't it my turn?"

Scotty: "Yeah, it is." [Hands her the stick.]

Laura: "Okay. Um, okay, how about the yellow one over there at the end?"

Scotty: "Uh, well, you know, I don't mean to tell you what to do, okay? But if you go after that shot, you gotta make sure that you set yourself up for another shot. And that's very difficult thing to do. See, setting yourself up for the next shot is the key to pool."

Laura: "Oh, right. Right. I don't know why I keep forgetting that."

Scotty: "Well, you know, you're just learning."

Laura: "Okay. Yeah. All right, how about the 15 off of the 6?"

Scotty: "Huh. Well, that's a, that's a professional shot. I mean, you can give it a shot, but I doubt that someone who's just picked a stick up --" [Laura makes it. She looks up at him, smiling.] "That was good."

Laura: "Thanks. Okay, seven." [She shoots and makes it again.]

Scotty: "That was another good shot."

Laura: [Walks around the table and stands in front of him.] "Thanks."

Scotty: "Um, hey, let me ask you something."

Laura: "Hmm?"

Scotty: "Are you hustling me?" [Laura laughs.] "This is a hustle, right? You've shot pool before. I'm like an idiot here trying to explain these things to you, and you've got game."

Laura: "You remember the summer that you wouldn't teach me how to play pool? I took a course at the rec center because I wanted to surprise you, and look, all these years later, I get the chance. Who says good things aren't worth waiting for?"

Scotty: "Well, not me. I know better."

Laura: [Gets ready to shoot again.] "Let's see here."

Scotty: "There you go." [She shoots then looks up at him, smiling.] "Nice, nice. Nice shooting."

Laura: "Nine in the corner." [She shoots. She looks at Scotty and smiles.]

Scotty: "I'm glad I didn't have money on this game." [Laura laughs.] "You are really good. You are, you are incredible. In fact, everything you do, you do so well."

Laura: "You're a good teacher." [Smiles.] "Okay. 8 ball, back pocket."

Scotty: "Oh, okay."

Laura: "Let's see here." [She shoots and makes it.]

Scotty: "Ah, man! That was a hell of a shot!" [Laura laughs. She walks around the table towards him.] "You are really good at this. You're, you're as good as Jackie Gleason ever was." [Laura touches his arm. He turns to face her and she kisses him.] "Oh. This is a good sport for you. It makes you aggressive. That's good. You're like a shark -- well, you are, you're a pool shark." [Laura laughs.] "So I like this."

Laura: "You want to play again?"

Scotty: "Absolutely."

Laura: "Okay."

Scotty: "Okay."

Laura: "Rack 'em up."

Scotty: "Rack 'em?"

Laura: "Yep."

Scotty: "Oh, that's right. I lost."

Laura: "Mhmm."

Scotty: "I'll rack them. See, and then I want you to show me that head-spinning shot you just did." [Laura kisses him.] "I like this sport." [Laura laughs.]

Scotty: [Laura's just finished shooting.] "That was sweet." [Laura laughs. Her cell phone rings.]

Laura: "Oh, you know what? I have to get that."

Scotty: "Hold on."

Laura: "It could be my mom." [She walks over to get her purse and takes out her cell.] "Hello?"

Luke: "It's me."

Laura: "Luke." [Turns to look at Scotty.]

Scotty: "Oh, hang up on that fool. Unless it's an emergency."

Luke: "I need to talk to you. It's about Lucky."

Laura: "Is it an emergency?"

Luke: "Ah, well, no, I guess it isn't."

Laura: "Are you sure?"

Luke: "Yeah, I'm sure."

Laura: "Okay. In that case, I'm busy right now and I'll call you back later. Bye." [Goes back to Scotty; picks up stick.] "Okay. Where were we?"