Scotty comforts Laura: November 1978

[Laura is at the park, sitting on a bench. She's staring at a letter, then shreds it, angry and crying.]

Scotty: "Laura. Hey, hey, what is it? What's the matter?"

Laura: "Scotty. It's never going to be over for me. Not ever."

Scotty: "Laura, what were you tearing up there like your life depended on it?"

Laura: [She gets up and tries to calm down.] "It's nothing."

Scotty: "Nothing?" [He gets up.] "Is that why you're so upset, Laura, because it was nothing?"

Laura: "I don't want to talk about it. It's too awful."

Scotty: "Maybe that's why you should talk about it, Laura. Now if you get it out, now come on, it might help."

Laura: "It's -- it's just something that I got in the mail."

Scotty: "Go on. What is it?"

Laura: "It's a picture of me. Someone cut it out of the newspaper and wrote something on it."

Scotty: "Laura, come on now, do I have to drag every single word out of ya? Now what was written on that paper?"

Laura: "It's ugly. And it's frightening. It -- it says, 'Once a killer, always a killer.'

Scotty: "I'm sorry. Laura, come on now, you can't let something like this get to ya like this."

Laura: "When I opened it, the minute I saw it... I felt terrible all morning and then when I looked at it just now it hit me even worse.

Scotty: "Laura, you shouldn't let it get to you like that. Because it was just some dumb trick by some ignorant fool. Now don't you see that? Laura, it's just plain nonsense."

Laura: "Is it such nonsense?"

Scotty: "Yeah."

Laura: "I -- I did kill a man."

Scotty: "Laura, stop it!"

Laura: "But I did. I killed a man. [Her voice breaks.] I killed a man."

Scotty: [He takes her in his arms, she rests her head on his shoulder.] "Please. Laura, no, please. Don't say anymore, all right? Not right now."

Laura: [Crying.] "But I killed a man. And no one's ever going to let me forget about it."

Scotty: "Laura. The important thing is that you forget it."

Laura: "I can't. It haunts me. It frightens me."