Laura and Elizabeth meet

[At the Spencers'. There's a knock on the door. Laura opens the door.]

Laura: “Yes? Can I help you?”

Elizabeth: “Mrs. Spencer?”

Laura: [She nods.] “That’s right.” [She waits, then chuckles.] “Are you looking for Lucky?”

Elizabeth: [She shakes her head.] “No. Uh, but, well, uh [she sighs] I don’t want to say he’s everything to me, even though it might be true. I know it’ll sound a little weird. But Lucky -- he’s, he’s good and he’s smart and generous and respectful and gentle and honest and, well, that’s how I know you’re all those things, too, even though I don’t know you.”

Laura: [She smiles.] “Would you like to come in?” [Elizabeth nods.] “Come on.”

Elizabeth: “I’m sorry. I don’t even know why I’m really here. I was just staring at the ceiling, afraid to close my eyes, the next thing I know, I just was. I-I’m sorry, you see, we have something in common -- my last name and your maiden name.” [Laura realizes who she is.] “Actually, we have more than that in common.”

Laura: [Softly] “Oh, my God.” [She goes to Elizabeth and holds her, tears in her eyes.] “Oh, my God.”

Elizabeth: “I know I must seem completely unhinged right now. I just couldn’t really be alone.”

Laura: “I’m very glad you came here.”

Elizabeth: “And I needed to be with someone who I wouldn’t have to explain to. I’ve been thinking about you a lot.”

Laura: “I’ve been thinking about you, too. My son has never talked about anyone the way he talks about you.”

Elizabeth: “I couldn’t have survived this without him.”

Laura: “He was very worried about you today. He thought you were in trouble.”

Elizabeth: “Sometimes I scare myself. I get so angry, I could make someone bleed. I really could. But then something will happen and...”

Laura: “Did something happen tonight?”

Elizabeth: [Softly] “Yeah. Something that took me back to the night I was raped so hard and so fast I could barely breathe. And then it was like it was happening all over again. Has that ever happened to you?”

[Laura looks at her for a moment, not saying anything. They hug.]