Laura and Rick talk about Leslie's troubles

[At the Webber's. Laura comes down the stairs. Rick is in the living room.]

Laura: "Morning, Dad."

Rick: "Hi, honey. How'd you sleep?"

Laura: "Uh, okay, I guess. Where's Mother?"

Rick: "Well, she was still asleep when I got home. I didn't want to disturb her."

Laura: "Isn't she going to the hospital today?"

Rick: "Honey, we talked everything over quite late last night. She decided the best thing was to get some rest this morning and she'll start back in the clinic in the afternoon."

Laura: "Is it true that going back isn't going to be the same for her?"

Rick: "I don't know exactly what you mean."

Laura: "Well, um, something about her old contract."

Rick: "Where did you hear that?"

Laura: "From somebody at the hospital. I can't remember who it was."

Rick: "Well, there is one slight formality but Steve Hardy will take care of that for your mother."

Laura: "The hospital board hasn't renewed Leslie's contract, have they?"

Rick: "No, they haven't."

Laura: "Why? Is it because of the lie she told to protect me?"

Rick: "That's an oversimplification of it, Laura."

Laura: "Is it?"

Rick: "Yes. Laura, all of the publicity about the trial, her conviction, and the subsequent publicity, that's all played an important part on -- on the board's decision."

Laura: "I understand all that, Dad. But it still boils down to the same thing, doesn't it? I caused all the trouble. I created that publicity that you're talking about because I'm the one who killed a man."

Rick: "Laura, stop torturing yourself like this. That's in the past, now we're concentrating on the present and the future. Saying something like that is taking a step backwards."

Laura: "Well, maybe, but I -- I can't help it."

Rick: "Yes, you can, Laura. By getting rid of things, by -- by not placing blame. And then dwelling on that blame on something that's already over. Honey, that's destructive. And if you do that it'll stop us from ever having any kind of normal life again."

Laura: "Normal. Do you really think it'll ever be like that?"

Rick: [Upset.] "Yes, of course I do! I have said that from the night the three of us walked in this house! And I mean it! I've gone on saying it because I do believe it!

Laura: [Softly.] "I'm sorry."

Rick: "No, I'm sorry, honey, for taking off like that. I -- I've had a long night, I've had very little sleep and I'm tired. That doesn't give me any justification for taking my frustrations out on you."

Laura: "We all do it sometimes."

Rick: "But we shouldn't. Laura, we will get back to where we were before. I believe that. You have to believe it, too." [Laura nods.] "Hey, how about something for breakfast, okay?"

Laura: "Yeah, thanks."

Rick: "How about a little smile? Smiles do marvelous things on dreary days. My mother always used to say that to me."

Laura: "Well, it's a beautiful sunny day outside, but it's a nice thought, anyway."