Laura unexpectedly meets Sonny in the park

[At the park. Laura and Lulu are sitting on a bench. Sonny comes up to them.]

Laura: "I think your dolly's going to get too cold. We should have brought a blanky for her. Did you put one in your backpack, hon?"

Sonny: "Laura?"

Laura: "Sonny. Hi."

Sonny: "Didn't expect to see you out on such a cold day."

Laura: "Well, we needed the fresh air, [to Lulu] didn't we?"

Sonny: [To Lulu] "I think I got something that belongs to you." [He kneels down and hands Lulu her ball.]

Lulu: "Thank you."

Laura: "Do you remember Mr. Corinthos, sweetie? You do? Did you say thank you?" [Lulu nods.] "Good girl."

Sonny: "Hey. What a cute girl you are, huh?" [Lulu smiles.]

Laura: "It's nice to see you."

Sonny: "It's nice to see you, too." [To Lulu] "And it's always nice to see you, Miss Lulu."

Lulu: [Smiling] "Miss Lulu."

Sonny: [He chuckles.] "Is it all right if I call you Miss Lulu? Big girl." [Lulu smiles.]

Sonny: [To Lulu] "I'll tell you what. You give me this doll, okay? I'm going to take really good care of her. And we'll put the shoe on her. She's going to be great. I'm going to keep her warm, okay?" [Lulu nods.] "All right."

Laura: "Well, that's sweet." [To Lulu] "Sweetie, why don't you go swing before it gets too dark." [Lulu goes.] "Stay where I can see you, honey."

Sonny: "You sure it's not too cold for her to be swinging with the wind hitting her face and all that stuff?

Laura: "Have you ever seen a 5-year-old with cabin fever?"

Sonny: [Laughing] "No."

Laura: "It's not pretty, trust me."

Sonny: "I'll tell you what, anything that kid touches is a sight to behold. She -- she really is beautiful."

Laura: [Smiling] "Thank you."

Sonny: "If I had a child, she might have looked just like her, you know? She probably would have had dark eyes, though." [He turns to look at Laura.] "What do you think?"

Laura: "Yeah. I think so."

Sonny: [He turns to look back at Lulu] "She'd have been younger. Who knows? Maybe they would have been friends." [He shivers.] "Whoo. It's freezing."

Laura: "Yeah, I know." [She walks up to him, and touches his arm.]

Sonny: "She's going to be all right? She's warm enough?"

Laura: "Yeah. Yeah, she's warm enough."

[Sonny looks at her and they share a smile.]

Sonny: "Is she going to fall?"

Laura: "Oh, come on." [She laughs. Sonny smiles.] "You stop it. She's fine."

Sonny: "I worry sometimes."

Laura: "Yeah. Yeah, I know. You know, I used to just hover over Lucky. Oh. Even when he was a little baby, he really didn't like that. I remember there was one time when I took him to the park. I think we were living in Canada. And I put him in the sandbox. And then I got right in, and I sat down right next to him, and he gave me this look, like -- 'How could you?'" [She laughs.] "And then he actually took me back to the bench and made me site with the other mothers, and he told me to stay there. So... you know, Luke was always better than me about giving him his room."

[They sit down.]

Sonny: "Can I tell you something? That was my dream, you know? Lily and I used to talk about it all the time. If I had a son, I wanted us to be like Luke and Lucky." [He looks at Laura.] "I'm sorry."

Laura: "It's okay. It's really okay. You know what? Actually, I'd like to hear about that."

Sonny: "Luke was solid with Lucky, and if I had a son I'd want him to be able to come to me with anything." [Laura nods.] "I don't know, maybe I should have stayed out of it."

Laura: "Stayed out of what? You mean Lucky? Are you talking about when he came to you for help?"

Sonny: "I couldn't turn him away, and I thought that if -- if I could help him a little bit that... he'd have a chance, you know, with Luke, and with you."

Laura: [She's near tears, and she takes Sonny's hand.] "That's okay. I know your intentions were good. I know that. It's just your methods that are questionable sometimes."

Sonny: [He nods.] "Yeah."

Laura: "Yeah. But then, so are Luke's."

Sonny: "Mh-mm."

Laura: "What is going on with him, by the way? He keeps leaving town all the time."

Sonny: "I didn't know."

Laura: "You didn't?

Sonny: "Our friendship hasn't been the same since we dissolved the partnership."

Laura: "I didn't realize it was anything that formal."

Sonny: "When we signed the papers, money exchanged hands."

Laura: "Really? Why? What happened?"

Sonny: "Well, you know [he sighs] I couldn't keep my troubles away from Luke, and we both said it was the audit, but it started a long time ago."

Laura: "But you're still friends, aren't you?"

Sonny: "Friends? No, no."

Laura: "Really?"

Sonny: "Not anymore, no."

Laura: "I can't believe that. Wow. I never imagined I would feel so completely shut out of Luke's life."

Sonny: "Did you ever tell him that -- that you feel shut out?"

Laura: "It's too late, Sonny. You know how Luke is. He takes what he wants and then he moves on. I just never thought he'd do it to me."

Laura: [She's tying Lulu's shoelaces.] "Okay. So you make a knot, and then you make a rabbit ear, and you go around and through, and two rabbit ears. There you go."

Sonny: "And here you go." [He hands Lulu her doll.] "She says that she misses you."

Lulu: "Thank you."

Sonny: "You're welcome."

Laura: "Sonny, don't give up on that dream."