Laura and Stefan worry that Stavros is alive

[Stefan is in jail. Laura arrives. They look at each other.]

Stefan: "I don't know why you're here, but I swear to you, I didn't kill Chloe."

Laura: "I believe you."

Stefan: "Then help me."

Laura: "Maybe we can help each other."

Stefan: "Tell me what I can do to help."

Laura: "It's about Nikolas, and Lucky. There have been some things that I have found out that lead me to believe that Helena is--"

Stefan: "If this about going after Helena, I'll do it. She killed Chloe, and she's turned Nikolas. Now, even if I have to sacrifice my life, I have no problem with that."

[Alexis arrives.]

Stefan: "Well?"

Alexis: "Hi, Laura."

Laura: "Hi."

Alexis: "If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to speak to Stefan alone."

Stefan: "Regarding what?"

Alexis: "Maybe we ought to wail 'til we're alone to discuss this."

Stefan: "If this is about the DNA test, Laura knows what the test said. I don't care who hears."

Alexis: "The last time you didn't care, you voluntarily agreed to have your DNA tested. Do you still think that was a good idea?"

Stefan: "Helena obviously paid someone off."

Alexis: "Why don't we discuss this further in private?"

Stefan: "Why? So we can figure out a new legal strategy? Here's one for you. I didn't do it. My DNA cannot match what they found, which means that Helana either paid someone off to switch those tests or the police switched them or whoever ran the tests falsified them. I don't know. I can't figure out from in here. That's your job. You're the expert at getting murderers off."

Alexis: "Will you please think before you speak?"

Laura: "Look, I'll wait outside."

Alexis: "Thank you."

[Laura leaves, then comes back as Alexis is leaving.]

Stefan: "You do believe me?"

Laura: "Yes, I do. It's always been Helena, hasn't it?" [She takes his hand.] "I'm so sorry."

Laura: "I want to believe that you're the same man who protected me from Stavros all those years ago and the one who watched over my son. But there is another side to you now."

Stefan: "I can tell you one true thing about myself. I would do anything to see Chloe Morgan walk through that door right now. And I will bring to justice the person who took her."

Laura: "And you believe that it was Helena?"

Stefan: "Yes. Do you?"

Laura: "Yes, I do. Remember I told you that Helena was playing mindgames with me?"

Stefan: "Yes."

Laura: "She left that rose out on my front porch with the engagement ring from Stavros tucked in it, and a photo of Stavros was inside the house."

Stefan: [Nods.] "Mhmm."

Laura: "I'm - [laughs nervously] - obviously, it's working, what she's doing, because I saw Stavros.

Stefan: "Where?"

Laura: "Outside my window. I know it sounds crazy. I know it does."

Stefan: "Maybe not as crazy as you think."

Stefan: "It was Stavros' voice. I'm almost positive. Alexis said that I must have imagined it or dreamed it, but the model ship was there -- the replica of the one we have when we were children. It was broken exactly the same way that Stavros had smashed it. And Gia Campbell arrives at Wyndemere wearing this brooch?"

Laura: "Gia?"

Stefan: "She said it was a gift from someone, someone other than Nikolas. But this brooch was a Cassadine family heirloom. It was even marked with a symbol that Stavros had chosen for the island.

Laura: "Did -- did she say who gave it to her?"

Stefan: "No, it was someone who was interested in dating her. And then Chloe told me about meeting a strangely recently who said that he had been in business with our family in the past. He said that his company name was Karikos. Now, 'Karikos' was Stavros' nickname for me when we were children. I doubt even my mother remembers that. [Sighs.] I -- I felt so haunted, I even went to confession. And the priest reminded me of my brother."

Laura: "Look, it -- it's got to be Helena orchestrating all of this. I mean, she wants us to be thinking of Stavros, but why?"

Stefan: "I know know. For revenge, to drive us crazy."

Laura: "Maybe she's just gone completely over the edge. I do know that there is a laboratory involved and I know that she's doing some kind of mind-control experiments, and God only knows what else."

Stefan: "Experiments in mind control would explain Nikolas' sudden allegiance to Helena. As soon as I'm released from here I will find whatever it is that we need to know. Laura, I didn't kill Chloe."

Laura: "I know. Just... listen to Alexis, all right? You do have to be careful what you say. You can make your situation worse."

Stefan: "How long has Luke been missing?"

Laura: "Weeks."

[The guard is letting Alexis back in.]

Stefan: [Voice lowered.] "I mean what I said. As soon as I get out of here. [Laura nods.]

Alexis: Laura, I'm afraid I'm going to have to talk to him in private again.

Laura: "Okay."

Alexis: "Thank you.]

[Laura leaves.]

Laura: "Stefan, I forgot to ask you if you have a message for Nikolas."

[Stefan walks to her, clearly shaken.]

Laura: "What's the matter?"

Stefan: "Laura, you know me as well as anyone." [He takes her hands.] You know I've made some bad choices in my life. I've hurt everyone I've ever loved. But I'm not insane."

Laura: "What are you trying to tell me?"

Stefan: "What I'm going to tell you will sound mad. But I've thought it through. I'm not delusional. I'm not unbalanced."

Laura: "What is it?"

Stefan: "I'm beginning to think Stavros could be alive."

Laura: "Stavros can't be alive."

Stefan: "But could it be possible that Helena has brought him back from the dead?"

Laura: "No, no, she -- she cannot manage that."

Stefan: "We've both felt his presence lately, Laura. Stalking us, tormenting us, invading our dreams, our homes."

Laura: "That's because he's alive in our minds."

Stefan: "I think it's more than that."

Laura: "No, it's Helena. She's manipulating all of our anxieties. You know, your childhood wounds have been reopened, mine from the time that I was married to him."

Stefan: "But why now?"

Laura: "I saw him die. I was there. And what you're saying just isn't possible."

Stefan: "Well, how many times have you seen my family do what no one else can imagine? The rules of probability and nature don't always apply to the Cassadines."

Laura: "Stop it. Please, stop it. This really is insane."

Stefan: "Laura, Stavros' mark is everywhere. We have to consider the possibility that he could be alive."

Stefan: "Laura, think back to the night of Katherine Bell's death, the night of my engagement to her. You saw her fall from the parapet and break her neck. So did I. Katherine was mourned and buried, and yet months later she strolled into a courtroom, miraculously alive. Helena revived her to serve as her personal minion. Now, if she could bring back a woman she hated, why not resurrect the son she adored?

Laura: "It can't be. It just -- it can't be."

Stefan: "My family is capable of anything."

Laura: "The medical knowledge to bring a person back to life just doesn't exist."

Stefan: "How do you know that? We don't know how it was done. But in light of recent developments, it is the only solution."

Laura: "To what?"

Stefan: "I just learned that the DNA found on Chloe was from a Cassadine."

Laura: "It's from Helena!"

Stefan: "No. The preliminary test results show that it had to have come from a full-blood sibling of mine."

Laura: "Helena paid someone off in the police laboratory and she stole your DNA."

Stefan: "No, it wasn't my DNA, Laura. I don't want to believe this anymore than you do, but there are too many coicidences in our lives."

Laura: "I think that we're probably reacting exactly the way Helena wants us to. We're running scared."

Stefan: "Why Stavros now? Why suddenly in these past few months have we both been haunted by his memory? We have to face it, Laura. Stavros could be back from the dead to seek revenge.

Laura: [She flashes back to her recent encounters with Stavros.] "No. No, no!" [She grabs onto a jail bar, trying to regain her composure.]

Stefan: [He holds her by the arms.] "Laura, I know it's too horrifying to imagine, but the possibility exists that Stavros has come back to life."

Laura: "No, it just can't be. I -- I have spent too many years trying to bury all of those memories and --"

Stefan: "Listen, he won't hurt you again. I won't let him."

Laura: "Yeah, what if you can't stop him? He's a monster. My God, that's what Lucky said. He said that the monster was back."

Stefan: "'The monster is back'?"

Laura: "Yes. He couldn't have been talking about Helena, she's been here all along. She must have some grand scheme this time."

Stefan: "Maybe that's why she brought Stavros back -- so that he could be a part of it."

Laura: "And Lucky's a part of it. Oh, no. I have to go see Lucky. I have to go." [To the guard.] "Please let me out."

Stefan: "Laura--"

Laura: "Please let me out."

Stefan: "Laura, be careful."

Laura: "I will. I'll be back."