Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

General Hospital's Laura has moved on to new and exciting projects that make for a harried Hollywood lifestyle. These islands are famous for helping you forget.

GF: "I was physically and emotionally exhausted, that's the honest truth. I could not even imagine signing on for another six months at that point I was so tired. I just wanted to be left alone for a while. And I also wanted to do something else. I wanted to try playing a different character. I played Laura for five years."

That Hollywood pressure was blown away on a gentle trade wing as Genie settled into the utter luxury of this 35-million dollar yacht. It's impossible not to relax, as it cruises majestically into select Caribbean ports of call. It was a special night when the Sea Goddess docked in romantic Guadeloupe, and Genie had a special rendezvous with an on- and off-camera flame who impetuously flew out to meet her.

GF: "Well, John [Martinuzzi] played Stavros Cassadine on General Hospital. Real, real bad guy who stole Laura away. And also stole me away. [Smiles.] We've been together for about a year, and it's just great."

Their romantic rendezvous was a convenient coincidence. Also aboard the Sea Goddess were the so-called LA chefs, the owners of famous all-star Hollywood restaurant. Each prepared a course for the feast of a lifetime: a 7-course cuisine in which John and Genie joined singers Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. The champagne flowed until the climax everyone had been waiting for. Suddenly, voila! The quintessential banquet debuted with all the fanfare of opening night and went on to receive rave reviews. The couple had a very special dessert in mind -- the ultimate fantasy of champagne and caviar in the hot tub. We asked Genie if the $6000 tab was worth it.

GF: "It was decadent! It was just decadent! [Laughs.] So indulgent. It's fun. That also is a tremendous fantasy."

But every fantasy has its price.

GF: "I'm sure I've gained a couple of pounds but I'm not going to weight myself until I know I've lost it again. [Laughs.] Really, the only healthy way to lose weight or keep your weight down is really exercise. I used to do starvation when I was very young. I used to stop eating for three days at a time. And, you know, I just, I can't do that now. Not at all. If you can get your heart rate up for a solid half hour, then you'll be burning calories at a much higher rate for the rest of the day."

The vessel's sauna even has a window for guests to enjoy the view as they steam their indulgences away. Each new harbor is another chance to go ashore and explore the Island's rich colonial past, from the French Creole sights and sounds to the colorful farmer's market, where the Sea Goddess' chefs bought fresh produce for every night's banquet. ... Meanwhile, Genie was exploring the Sea Goddess and ending up on the Captain's bridge, where she was treated to a VIP tour. She found the lesson in seaman ship natuical but nice, and managed to charm the cap off the Captain.

JM: "You look cute in that hat. Are you going to sail the boat now?" [They kiss.]

GF: "He's going to let me try."

JM: "Really?"

GF: "Yeah."

JM: "That's... He's out of his mind." [They laugh.]

Genie passed up snorkling off the ship's rear deck and wind surfing about the Sea Goddess because she flipped for a new sport.

GF: "My favorite thing recently is parasailing. You know, when they have the parachute on your back and they tie you to the boat and they lift you up. It goes up about 200 feet. That's my all-time favorite new thing to do."

But what moved Genie and John even more were the breathtaking views off a private balcony.

GF: "Well, we love sunsets, John and I. When we were in Hawaii, we never missed a sunset."

The couple sailed off on their own private loveboat, converts to the indulgence of a luxury cruise.

GF: "It's thrilling. It's fabulous. This is my first cruise and I'm sure that I'll do it again sometime. It's just incredible."

Genie Francis, onto newer horizons.