Laura and Luke recite their wedding vows

[At Felicia’s.]

[Laura opens the door to the attic. She smiles and walks around the room, looking and touching different things.]

Laura: [Moans.] “No, no.” [Shakes her head and covers her ears.]

Rick: “There’s my little girl.” [Laura stops and turns to look at her hallucination of Rick and Theresa.] “Look at my daughter, isn’t she beautiful?”

Theresa: “Oh, my, yes. She’ll make a gorgeous bride.”

Rick: “Well, if she gets going.” [Walks towards Laura.] “Sweetheart, you’re not even dressed yet. Come on.”

Theresa: “Your father’s right. You don’t want to keep the groom waiting.”

Rick: “This groom could wait a little bit. My daughter’s worth waiting for. Honey? Are you okay? You’re not getting cold feet again, are you?”

Laura: “I had a bad dream. A nightmare.”

Rick: “You want to tell me about it?”

Laura: “I don’t want to say it out loud.”

Rick: “Sometimes, sweetheart, it is better to say things out loud.”

Laura: “I dreamed that Luke told me that I murdered both of you.”

Theresa: “Well, as you can see, we’re alive and well.”

Rick: “Yeah. I think it’s exactly what you said. It’s a dream, a bad nightmare. You don’t want to spoil this perfect day, do you?”

Laura: [Beams.] “It is my day, isn’t it?”

Rick: “Could very well be the 2nd greatest day in your entire life. Come on.”

Laura: “I’m getting married. And all the nightmares are over. And everything is going to be perfect from here on in.”

[Laura is standing in front of a mirror. The reflection is of Laura in a wedding gown, beautifully made up.]

Rick: “What can I say? You are even lovelier than the first time.”

Laura: “Thank you, I’m so nervous.” [She’s actually changed into an old wedding dress.]


Rick: “Hear that? It’s time.”

Theresa: “He’s coming!”

Laura: “Who?”

Theresa: “Your future husband, of course!”

Laura: “Oh, no. He’s not supposed to see me before the wedding.”

Rick: “Honey, the wedding is now.” [Laura smiles.]

Luke: [Arrives.] “Oh, here you are!” [He looks at her.] Oh. Baby. Why did you run away?”

Laura: “I had to get ready.” [She turns full circle.] “How do I look?”

Luke: “Like an angel.”

Laura: “Are you ready?”

Luke: “You betcha, cookie.”

Laura: “Did you see who’s here?” [She motions towards empty space.] “Rick. He’s going to give me away. Just like we planned.” [She takes “Rick’s” arm.]

[Laura walks down the “aisle”.]

Laura: [To “Rick.”] “I love you.”

Luke: “We are gathered here, my sweetheart and me, with all the people who live in our hearts. To pledge ourselves to each other. Marriage worked so good for us the first time, we decided to do it again.” [Laura smiles. Luke takes a breath and continues.] “I never saw you coming. I never believed that anything like you would ever happen to me. I didn’t believe anyone as beautiful or as good even existed in this miserable world. But the thought that you would love me was incomprehensible. But you did. And that proves you were not only beautiful and good, but you are courageous, outrageous, and have a spectacular sense of humor. These are all the things that you needed to throw with a guy like me. Thank you. Thank you.” [They kiss.] “I will love you more tomorrow than I do today. I know that’s possible because at this moment I love you more than I ever have.” [His voice breaks.] “I, Luke, take my Laura, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. That is my solemn vow.” [Cries.]

Laura: “I, Laura, take thee, Luke, to be my wedded husband. To have and to hold from this day forward.” [Stops, confused.] “In sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, to… [Stops again.] “To—oh.” [Closes her eyes.] “I can’t remember the rest.”

Luke: “Oh, whatever you want.”

Laura: “I love your eyes. I love looking in them. I feel so, so safe inside them. You know, you’re inside me. You’re inside me. You’re inside my heart.” [Cries.] “Right at the center. And you always will be. I… I forgot. I’m supposed to make promises, I think. I forgot.”

Luke: “No, you – you already made them.”

Laura: “I did?”

Luke: “Mhmm.”

Laura: “Oh.”

Luke: “They were beautiful.”

Laura: [Laughs.] “Oh. Good. So, now what do we do?”

Luke: “I now pronounce us husband and wife.”

Laura: “No. Uh… something’s wrong. Something’s--” [She let’s go of Luke’s hand and looks around.] “Where’s Rick?”

Luke: “We -- we don’t need Rick. We can do this ourselves--”

Laura: “No, no, I need him to be here. Where did he go? And Theresa? Where -- where did she go?”

Luke: “We -- we don’t need her, either.”

Laura: “Yes, I do. I need them to be here. It has to just the way I planned it. It has to be.” [She goes to the door, opens it, and looks outside.] “Rick? Rick?”

Luke: “Uh, sweetheart. Laura. Laura.” [He takes her arm.]

Laura: “What?”

Luke: “Look at me. All we need is each other.”

Laura: “No, it has to be the way I planned it! They have to be here! They -- They -- They have to be here. It’s important. They have to be here. [Cries.] Maybe -- Maybe they went in the garden. You think?”

Luke: “Maybe.”

Laura. “Maybe.” [Walks back into the attic. She stops. Flashback of Theresa on the floor, dead.] “No! No! Make it stop!”

Luke: “There’s nothing here, darlin’.”

Laura: “No, make it stop!” [Stomps her foot.]

Luke: “There’s nothing here.”

Laura: [Looks down.] “No!” [Sees Risk lying on the ground, dead.] “No! No! Oh, God, Rick’s dead!” [Sobs.]

Luke: “No, no. Rick isn’t here. It’s just you and me, sweetheart.”

Laura: “No!”

Luke: “Just us. Just us.”

Laura: [Calms down.] Then -- Then -- Then it’s not true? Rick’s alive? It’s okay? Please tell me.”

Luke: “Laura, no. Rick -- Rick is dead.”

Laura: “No! No! Don’t say that!”

Luke: “I’m sorry.” [Goes to her and holds her.]

Laura: “No! No! No!”

Luke: “It’s okay.”

Laura: “It can’t be like that!” [Sobs.] “I just can’t be like that!”

Laura: “No!” [Pushes Luke away.] “Look!” [Points to the floor.] “He’s there! He’s on the floor!”

Luke: “No, there’s nothing there, Laura.”

Laura: “Yes!”

Luke: “Nothing.”

Laura: “But I saw him!”

Luke: “Laura, your mind is playing tricks on you. It’s just you and me. Just us.”

Laura: “He tried to give me a shot.”

Luke: “That’s right. You thought he was going to hurt you.”

Laura: “I hit him.”

Luke: “You had to make him stop.”

Laura: “I killed him, didn’t I? I killed my father.”

Luke: “Listen to me. Listen.” [He takes her hand.] “Look right here. See this? You focus on this. Just this. You took my hand and we escaped from Frank Smith and a hundred other enemies. We got away. And you took my hand when you gave birth to both our children, and they both turned out to be champs.” [Laura smiles faintly.] “Now you take my hand right now and we’ll get through this. You and me, we’ll get through it. [Laura puts her hand on his.] “That’s it. Just us. That’s all we need.” [Laura nods slowly and puts her head on his shoulder.] “That’s it. That’s it. That’s it.”

[Laura whimpers.]

Luke: “Sweetheart? Laura?”

Laura: “What?”

Luke: “Do you trust me?”

Laura: [Nods.] “Yes.”

Luke: “Will you trust me to get us out of here and find a place where we’ll be safe so we can figure out how to handle this?”

Laura: [Nods.] “Yeah, just tell me what to do. I -- You always same me.” [Smiles.] “Please, Luke. Save me now. Please?”

Luke: “I love you, angel.”

Laura: “I love you.”

Luke: “Okay.” [He moves her towards the door.] “Don’t -- Don’t look down. That’s it. Stay with me.”

Laura: “I want to stay with you.”

Luke: “Stay with me.”

Laura: “I want to stay with you.”

[Scotty and Mac arrive.]

Scotty: “It’s over.”