Laura and Luke's wedding 1981

[Scene begins with Laura awakening. She turns over opens her eyes and sits up. She sees her wedding dress and smiles. Laura gets out of bed and looks out the window.]

Laura: My wedding day! [She starts to twirl around. Knock on door.] Come in.

Leslie: I thought you'd probably be awake. Good morning. I brought you coffee.

Laura: Thank you.

Leslie: And you're welcome.

Laura: It's a gorgeous day outside.

Leslie: Of course it is. Mrs. Whittaker provided you one, didnít she?

Laura: Yes, she did.

Leslie: So, how did you sleep?

Laura: Uh, I slept like a log. [Laughs.] I really did. You know with going back and forth to Mexico. And then having the party. As soon as I put my hand on the pillow, I was out like a light.

Leslie: Yeah, you've been in kind of a whirlwind.

Laura: Well, you have, too. You know with the parties and the fittings and everything. You know, Mom, did you ever find out why Helena Cassadine is here in town?

Leslie: Rick said she wants to make some kind of major bequest or give some kind of very large gift to the hospital. But today is your wedding day. We are going to be happy. We are not going to talk about anybody with the name of Cassadine. Blech!!
[Leslie sticks our her tongue. Laura laughs.]

[The Webbers living room. Tiffany enters.]

Tiffany: Isn't it a glorious day for a wedding? I'm so excited! Hmmm. Cinnamon? [Tiffany takes a cinnamon roll.]

Delphina: At a time like this, all they think about is food.

Tiffany: How was your adorable little self today? Your moment of truth is at hand.

Delphina: Yeah, and take that sticky bun out of yours. And put the dress on, please.

Tiffany: Touchy this morning, aren't you?

Delphina: Touchy? No. But I don't want the dress to get dirty. Laura and Leslie come down the stairs.

Amy: Laura, you aren't even dressed.

Laura: Well, there's plenty of time. Hmmmm. [She gets a bun.] Can I have one?

Delphina: The bride is not going to be dressed down here!

Leslie: No, Delphina, darling, the bride is going to dress in her room.

Claudia: So, so how do you feel?

Laura: I feel great!

Claudia: I hope the guys can say that.

Amy: They better! You know they were up partying all night!

Laura: Not Luke. I can promise you that.

Amy: What do they do at bachelor parties anyway?

Claudia: I don't even want to know.

Leslie: You know we have a beautiful day thanks to Mrs. Whittaker.

Claudia: And her prayers, no doubt. How do you like my hair?

Leslie: I love it like that.

Amy: [opening front door] Everybody! Luke came through! The car! You're never going to believe it!

[Everyone gathers at the door to look at the car. Then, Laura and Leslie turn and walk back into the living room.]

Laura: Mom, itís going to be so much fun.

Leslie: It's going to be wonderful!

Laura: Now, we just have to pray that Dad is not going to he called away on some emergency.

Leslie: Not a chance. We've got doctors covering for him and for me. There's no way we are NOT going to be at the wedding. We are going to be right up front to watch you become Mrs. Lucas Lorenzo whatever.

Laura: Spencer! Spencer!

Leslie: I know it. It was on the tip of my tongue. [Laura laughs.]

[Luke knocks on his penthouse door.]

Slick: [Talking to Robert] You're nuts! You know what I'm talking about? I'm going to ask you a serious question. Do you think it will improve Laura's life if I stand in for him-you know, if I marry her? [Robert looks puzzled.]

[Amy and Laura in Laura's room. The wedding dress is on the bed.]

Amy: You are really going to look beautiful. [She spreads the dress on the bed] This garter is wonderful.

Laura: Isn't it? You know something? It's funny, but I am almost more excited about wearing that garter than wearing this dress. It's just something about wearing the same garter that your grandmother wore.

Amy: Yeah, I wonder who's going to catch it when you throw it.

Laura: I don't know.

Amy: I bet maybe it will be Joe Kelly. I kind of hope he catches it because I know that even though she's in jail right now. I know she's going to get out and I know he's going to wind up with Heather.

Laura: Amy, please! Let's not talk about that. Ok? Why don't you do me a favor and get my pearl earrings there on the desk.

Amy: Sure.

[Living Room. The doorbell rings. Leslie goes to the door and opens it.]

Leslie: Yes?

Delivery Man: Yeah, I've got a special delivery here for Mrs. Laura Baldwin. [Leslie reaches for the package] Well, I'm supposed to deliver it to her personally.

Leslie: But it's her wedding day. She's getting married and she's upstairs dressing. I can't call her down just to sign for a package.

Delivery Man: She's supposed to open it in front of me. See? And she's got to sign for it.

Leslie: But I canít let you go up there while she's getting dressed, can I? Let me sign for it. I swear to you. Brownie Word of Honor, that I will stand there and forcibly make her open it immediately after I close the door. OK?

Delivery Man: Uh, ok. [He hands the package to Leslie.]

Leslie: It'll be fine. Don't worry about it. Ok? Honest, you're a good guy.

Delivery Man: [Turning away] I know.

[Laura's bedroom.]

Amy: Laura, I am telling you there is only one.

Laura: Amy, that's impossible. I put them both there last night.

Amy: Well, they're not there now.

[Laura goes to desk and looks.]

Laura: That is strange. How could that be? [She scratches her head.] Oh, I know. Maybe I dropped one when I was in Mom's room last night. I went in to kiss her last night. Would you go look for it?

Amy: You want me to go crawling on the floor in that bedroom in this dress?

Laura: I just want you to take a look. Please, Amy. I really want to wear these. [She is holding one earring.]

Amy: Ok, but only because you are getting married today.

Laura: Thanks.

[Amy leaves and Leslie enters with the package]

Leslie: Hi, there!

Laura: Hi!

Leslie: Another package and I had to swear on my life to the delivery kid that I would watch you open this in front of me right away. [Laura takes the package.]

Laura: Ok. Well, let's see. What do you suppose it is?

Leslie: I don't know. Why don't we open it and find out.

Laura: Hold my earrings for me, will you? [She hands the one earring to her mom.]

Leslie: Yes.

Laura: Thank you. [She opens the package.] Why did they want you to... That's strange.

Leslie: I don't know. Hey, I'm just the delivery person here. I didn't send it! I just took it. You know what I mean? [Laura and Leslie laugh.]

Laura: It's nicely packed. Oh, my goodness. What's this? [She lifts it out.]

Leslie: Oh, it's a boat.

Laura: Ha! Yeah, it is! That's strange. Can I see the card?

Leslie: Sure. That is so neat. [She looks at the boat as Laura opens the card.]

Laura: [reading the card] On your wedding day, may I wish you and your Luke a long and happy life together. With best wishes and [puzzled] your grateful and loving donor?

Amy: [Enters room.] I have looked everywhere! And I cannot find that other earring!

Leslie: Ok, I'll look for it. [To Laura.] It's got to be the person who is donating to the hospital.

Laura: Mom, don't you think that's kind of strange?

Leslie: It's a lot better than ten more butter dishes!

Laura: Yeah, I guess so. Oh, my gosh! [She looks at the ship.] Ah, wait 'til I show Luke.

[Luke enters the penthouse.]

Luke: Anybody want to go to a wedding?

Slick: Can you tell me something, my friend? I just want to ask you one question. Why would you pick your wedding morning to do a disappearing act?

Luke: Who disappeared?

Slick: You did.

Luke: I'm right here!

Slick: Yeah, you're here now! But what about when we were going crazy looking for you. Where were you?

Luke: I had to go see an old girlfriend.

Slick: Oh, will you come on, man?

Luke: Ruby! Ruby! Ruby!

Slick: You are going to give me a heart attack. Tell me about her later. Will you get dressed?

Luke: Surely.

Slick: You know you're getting married, don't you?

Luke: [Going up the stairs singing] I'm getting married, yes, this morning.

Slick: Oh, where's the aspirin?

[Next scene. Luke and Robert arriving to cheering crowds. Slick is their chauffeur.]

Luke: [to Robert] Look, this is the place where I change my mind and run, isn't it?

Robert: No, too late for that.

Luke: Signed, sealed, delivered. You know what and I like it!! Let's get this show on the road!

[Luke and Robert get out of the car and greet Joe Kelly and Brian.]

Joe: You look a little green around the edges.

Luke: You guys are funny! Now where do I go?

Robert: No! No! Where do we go? The first rule of being the best man: Never leave the side of the groom. Just in case he gets second thoughts. All right?

Luke: All right.

Joe: You go down the yellow brick road and up to the bar.

Luke: There's a bar? [Luke and Robert start walking. Luke hesitates.]

Joe: Go on! Go on!

[Ruby and Leslie arrive. They are greeted by the groomsmen. Then, Delphina checks out Leslie's dress.]

Joe: Mother-of -the-bride, are you ready?

Delphina: No, not until I check her, she isn't. Hold it, Leslie darling. I want to see the hem. [She bends down.] Divine, darling.

Leslie: Delphina, my angel, if I'm not ready by now, I am never going to be.

[Delphina then checks Rubyís dress. Brian offers his arm to Ruby.]

Minister: What's up?

Brian: My arm. I'm supposed to walk you in.

Ruby: I have been navigating myself since before you were born. But you want to play it that way, go baby!

[They walk down the red carpet. Delphina stops Leslie to put Ruby first. Ruby and Brian walk in, followed by Leslie and Joe. The bridesmaids arrive. Claudia, Tiffany, Bobbie and Amy. Delphina is waiting. She checks out the dresses.]

Delphina: Amy, you sat wrong. You've creased it!

Amy: It's not my fault. What was I suppose to do? Stand in the car? [The bridesmaids laugh.]

Delphina: From now on, ladies, until after the ceremony, nobody sits!

Bridesmaids: Yes, ma'am!

[Laura and Rick arrive next. Laura gets out and waves to her bridesmaids.]

Amy: She's beautiful!

[Rick escorts Laura down the red carpet.]

[The Bridal Chorus begins. The groomsmen, Joe, Slick, and Brian walk down the carpet followed by the bridesmaids, Bobbie, Tiffany, Claudia, and Amy. Rick escorts Laura. Helena Cassadine is seen standing in a doorway watching the proceedings. Laura mouths a kiss to her mom. Rick offers Laura's hand to Luke. Luke takes her hand and they face the minister.]

Minister: Today is a day of joyous celebration. And with love in our hearts, we are here to witness the exchange of marriage vows between Lucas Lorenzo Spencer and Laura Webber Baldwin. We are gathered here to celebrate the marriage between two people. But we are doing more than that. We are celebrating life itself. The two young people before us through their love for one another remind us what it is that makes life precious to all of us. Love, loyalty, courage. Together in the face of extreme danger to themselves, they overcame powerful forces that sought to destroy Port Charles and its people. Even the entire world. We call Luke and Laura heroes. That they are, indeed. But more importantly, they are the children of our whole community. We love them. We care about them. We admire and respect them. And I know I speak for every one of you when I say, Luke and Laura, it is with great admiration and affection that we share with you today the joy of your wedding day. Dear friends, we have gathered together in the sight of God to join this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony. It is an estate commended and honorable among all men. Therefore, it is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly. But reverently, soberly, and in full knowledge of one another. Into this loving estate these two persons present come now to be joined. I require and charge you both that if either of you knows any impediment why you may not lawfully be joined together in matrimony, you do so say. For no marriage can be considered truly lawful if it is not entered into in full disclosure and open heart. And if there be any present who can show just cause why these two may not be lawfully joined together let him now speak or else, hereafter forever hold his peace.

[Helena Cassadine is once again shown watching the wedding.]

Minister: Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, will you take Laura Webber Baldwin to be your lawful wedded wife? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and health, forsaking all others, cleave only unto her so long as you both shall live?

Luke: I will.

Minister: Laura Webber Baldwin, will you take Lucas Lorenzo Spencer to be your lawful wedded husband? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and health, forsaking all others, cleave only unto him as long as you both shall live?

Laura: I will.

Minister: The rings, please.

[Luke and Laura get the rings from Amy and Robert.]

Minister: I, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer.

Luke: I, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer.

Minister: Take thee, Laura Webber Baldwin.

Luke: Take thee, Laura Webber Baldwin, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish 'til death do us part.

Minister: And thereto

Luke: And thereto unto thee I pledge my troth.

Minister: Laura, please repeat after me. I, Laura Webber Baldwin.

Laura: I, Laura Webber Baldwin, take thee, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer

Minister: To be my lawful wedded husband.

Laura: To be my lawful wedded husband. To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death do us part and thereto, I pledge thee my troth.

Minister: For as much as Luke and Laura have consented together in holy wedlock and have witnessed the same before God and this company and thereto, have given and pledged their troth each to the other and have declared the same by giving and receiving a ring and by joining hands, by the power vested in me by the authority of the state of New York, I pronounce they are husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

[Luke and Laura kiss. The wedding processional plays. They start walking and they stop. Luke kisses Laura again. They start running down the carpet. They stop and kiss again. Then, Luke and Laura return to greet and hug their families.]

Dan: Congratulations, Luke.

[Leslie, Rick, then Ruby and Bobble hug Luke and Laura.]

Laura: Bobbie, thanks.

[Luke and Laura then greet and hug friends.]

Slick: When do I get to kiss the bride?

Laura: Now! [Slick kisses Laura.]

Slick: You had a choice between me and Luke. I hope you didn't make a mistake.

Luke: [with a smile] That's enough. That's enough.

[Then, Luke and Laura greet the Whittakers from Beechers Corners. Then, Enima, Delphina, Lila and Edward Quartermaine, Monica and Alan Quartermaine.]

Luke: [to the Qís] Thank you for coming very much.

[They greet the Baldwins. Luke and Laura thank them for coming. Then, Audrey and Steve Hardy.]

Luke: [to the Hardys] It's a pleasure to have you here.

[Luke and Laura hug again. The next scene shows Luke and Laura eating and standing with Robert Scorpio.]

Laura: I have never seen so much food in all my life! [Emma offers Oysters Rockefeller to Luke.] "Oysters Rockefeller? Uh, um, Luke is allergic. Well, thank you anyway, Emma.

[A guest offers Luke a beer.]

Luke: Now you're talking, pop. [He takes a drink] Good kick to it.

[Leslie walks to Luke and Laura.]

Leslie: I see you're both thoroughly enjoying your wedding feast.

Laura: Mom, I don't know what to eat first. They have so much food back there!

Leslie: Oh. All right, then why don't you let me steal you away for a few minutes?

Luke: Away from this?

Leslie: Yes, well, your presence is requested-required on the dance floor.

Laura: Mother?

Leslie: Yes?

Laura: Are you kidding? I mean getting married works up an appetite. You know what I mean?

Leslie: Yes, your hunger is going to have to wait. Nobody can start dancing until you do because the first dance is always the bride and groom.

Luke: What do you say, Mrs. Spencer? Shall we take a quick buzz around the floor with your old man?

Laura: I say I'm hungry.

Luke: Oh, some things never change, do they? [Luke hands his and Laura's plates to Leslie and takes Laura's hand.]

Leslie: She gets it from her mother, you know?

Luke: Really? Come on, wife.

[The song, Fascination, starts. Luke and Laura kiss and then dance. The crowd watches. Then, Leslie and Rick begin dancing, also Dan and Ruby. Other guests follow. Luke and Laura then motion for the rest of the crowd to dance. As they song ends, Luke touches Laura's cheek and gently kisses her.]

[Luke and Laura dance the Virginia Reel. Helena Cassadine is shown gazing at the scene. The dance ends.]

Robert: Luke and Laura, will you come up here, please? [Luke and Laura follow Robert.] Just a few things I'd like to say, but I will be brief and to the point.

Luke: Right. That means he's going to do the whole second act of Hamlet.

Robert: Give me a break, will you? This is my big solo number!

Luke: Right.

Robert: [to Luke and Laura] Friends, may you always have what you have today. The love of your friends and the everlasting love of each other. To Luke and Laura. [He lifts his glass to toast the bride and the groom.]

Tiffany: Ok. Now, it's time to cut the cake. [Tiffany hands a knife to Luke. They walk to the table with the cake.] Yes, Laura, you do it, too. You put your hands on it. Both of you cut it together, the first piece.

[As they cut the cake, Helena Cassadine is again seen watching and she is holding Laura's earring and Luke's stickpin.]

Helena: My curse on you, Laura and Luke. My curse on both of you. [She turns and leaves through the doorway.]

[Laura gives Luke a piece of cake with her fork. Luke takes a piece of cake with his finger and gives it to Laura. They kiss with cake in their mouths.]

[Next scene shows the Baldwins and Leslie sitting in a room.]

Lee: I wonder what that woman will be doing here [referring to Helena Cassadine].

Leslie: I don't know. I think I don't care. I think the only thing I care about is I'm grateful that they've married.

Gail: I can imagine how you must feel, Leslie.

Leslie: Oh, Lord, yes, when you think what we all went through to get there.

Lee: I am just as relieved as you are that everything went so well.

Leslie: I know you are.

Lee: I'm going to say right up until the last minute I wasn't sure it would.

Leslie: No. I don't think anybody was. But it's done. It's over. It's finished finally. No more problems!

[Back to the reception. Luke and Laura are standing together.]

Luke: What do you say, Slicker?

Slick: Oh, boy, you look like you are floating on Cloud Nine.

Luke: Cloud Nine is a little low, pal. More like 11th, 12th, 13th--something like that. [To Laura] I think it's time we went upstairs and changed, don't you?

Slick: Change? For what? Changing your clothes? [He is incredulous.] You've never looked better in your life. What? Are you kidding? You've only had the clothes on for two hours.

Robert: Hey, for an intelligent guy, you're not very bright. They're off on their honeymoon.

Slick: Ohhhh, I get it. Hey, I'll drive you.

Luke: No, thanks. We'll walk.

Slick: Ok, drive yourself.

Amy: Laura, I'll help you get ready.

Tiffany: Me, too.

Laura: Oh, great. Thanks! I'm going to need help getting out of this dress. [To Tiffany] Can you take that for me? [She hands Tiffany the top layer of the wedding cake.]

[Laura, Tiffany and Amy start walking.]

Laura: This is so exciting!

[Luke runs, grabs the train of Laura's wedding dress, then grabs Laura's hand, smiles at her and they start running into the house.]

[Luke and Robert are in a bedroom of the house.]

Luke: I wish I knew what happened to that stickpin you gave me.

Robert: I'm sure it'll show up.

Luke: I want it, Robert. [Luke seems to be searching for the pin.]

Robert: Look, when I get back to the penthouse, I'll have a look for it.

Luke: Well, what do you think could have happened to it, man?

Robert: Look, what's with all this housecleaning bit here?

Luke: I don't know. I guess it calms me down, I guess.

Robert: What are you so worried about? You two have wanted this for a long time. I mean you both knew what you were getting into.

Luke: Yeah, I know. But now, look, man, I'm actually married! A whole new territory, you know?

Robert: Hey, out of the whole world, it's a big step, I know. But everyone... the world's your oyster, Buddy.

Luke: I guess so. I guess I kind of feel like I'm in one of those big wide-screen westerns, you know? Like with John Wayne or Fabian. I don't know-somebody.

Robert: Frances X. Bushmen?

Luke: Yes, Dorothy Lamour. And I got the lead. I'm the guy who gets to ride off into the sunset with the beautiful girl. But I want my stickpin! [Luke starts looking again for the pin.]

[Laura, Amy and Tiffany are together while Laura is changing.]

Amy: [Helping Laura put her jacket on.] Laura, I bet you cannot wait to ride off with Luke. There, you go.

Laura: Oh, no, I can't. I just hope that old car goes.

Tiffany: Oh, don't worry, Darling. It has to! Everything has been so perfect up 'til now. I know it's going to be just fine.

Amy: Wait 'til you see what the guys have done to it! There are tin cans streaming all over it! It looks exactly like it did the last time.

Tiffany: Last time??

Amy: Except last time it was Luke and Jennifer's wedding. Tiffany, you would never have believed it. There was the biggest fight you have ever seen in your life!

Tiffany: There was a fight at a wedding?

Laura: Amy! Please!

Amy: You wouldn't have believed it!

Laura: Look, Amy. Listen to me. Now, you can tell Tiffany about this some other time. All right? This is not the time to talk about it.

Amy: Don't be so sensitive. I wasn't comparing your wedding to theirs. I'm just telling about the fight.

Laura: Amy! Please!

Amy: I'm sorry.

[There is a knock at the door.]

Tiffany: What is that?

Luke: Mrs. Spencer?

Laura: [smiling] Yes?

Luke: This is your old man. [Laura laughs.]

Laura: Yeah, I thought I recognized your voice.

Luke: Yeah, uh, are you about ready?

Laura: Yeah, I am.

Luke: Well, let's hit it!

Laura: Ok. I'll meet you in the hall.

Luke: Ok.

Amy: How cute!

Tiffany: How romantic!

Amy: Oh, Laura, Laura. Wait a second. You have to remember. Look for me when you go to throw the bouquet. Ok? And promise me that you will not go out on the balcony until I have had sufficient time to run downstairs and get a perfect position. Ok? Promise?

Laura: [smiling] I promise.

Amy: All you have to do is aim it in my direction and I will take care of all the rest.

Laura: Amy, you're impossible, you know that?

Amy: Yes. But you love me anyway. [Amy hugs Laura.]

Laura: I do.

Amy: Are you ready, Tiff?

Tiffany: You bet I am. [Tiffany takes Laura's hands.] Darling, have a wonderful time. You look beautiful! Now, remember. Now, just in case Amy doesn't catch it, I'll be right there and my arms are longer. Now, let's go! [They all laugh. Tiffany and Amy leave, followed by Laura. Luke is waiting.]

Luke: Mrs. Spencer.

Laura: Mr. Spencer. [They kiss.]

Luke: Are you prepared for the command performance?

Laura: Uh. Yeah. It's the last time for now, I hope. From now on, itís just going to be the two of us.

Luke: Where's the garter?

Laura: It's on my right leg. Why donít you get it? [She grins slyly.]

[Luke gets on one knee, lifts her dress, and gets the garter.]

Luke: I think I'm going to like married life.

Laura: I thought you might like that!

Luke: You know what else I like?

Laura: What?

Luke: I like this beginning to our very hard-earned future together.

Laura: [with eyes closed] Ohhhh, I'm with you.

Luke: For always.

Laura: For today, for tomorrow. Forever. It's just going to keep getting better and better and better. [They kiss again.]

[Back at the reception, Leslie is standing alone and Rick comes to her.]

Rick: Leslie?

Leslie: Have you had some of the food?

Rick: Yeah, I think I've tried some of everything here. Champagne? [He offers Leslie a glass.]

Leslie: Oh, that sounds nice. I think it's about time I could calm down, don't you?

Rick: Yes, just relax and enjoy the rest of the day. It's turned out to be an incredibly beautiful day.

Leslie: Oh, yes. Oh, yes, and our daughter is indeed married to the man that she loves.

Rick: No more worrying about Laura.

Leslie: No. No. No. I believe that Luke absolutely will keep her safe from all harm.

Ruby: [walks up to Leslie and Rick] What a terrific day! I was so proud of both of them.

Rick: We were, too.

Ruby: [ lifts her glass for a toast] To the kids. [They toast.]

Leslie: Only happiness.

Amy: Everybody gather around! They are going to come out on the balcony!

[Luke and Laura come onto the balcony. They smile at the crowd.]

Luke: [with the garter in his hand] Whoís the lucky guy?

[Rick hands his glass to Leslie to try to catch the garter. Luke throws the garter and Rick catches it. He walks up to Leslie.]

Rick: Now see this? [She smiles.]

Laura: Of all people! I don't believe it! [Laura then holds up the bouquet.] Ready? Amy? Claudia? Bobbie? [Laura turns around. With her back to the crowd,, she throws the bouquet. Scotty Baldwin catches it.]

Scotty: There is no marriage! [He throws the bouquet back up to the balcony and Luke catches it.]

Laura: Scotty!

Luke: I'll kill you!!! [He throws the bouquet back at Scott.] I'll kill you! [Luke jumps off the balcony.]

Laura: No!! No!! No!!

[Luke and Scott start fighting.]

Laura: Stop it! Stop it!

[Laura is then seen running downstairs. She runs by Joe Kelly.]

Laura: Stop them! Somebody stop them!

[Rick and Robert hold Luke back from Scott who is lying on the ground.]

Luke: Let go of me! [Laura hugs Luke.] I'm all right! I'm all right!

Lee: Scotty, come on, what did you think you were doing?

Luke: [to Laura] Are you OK?

Laura: I'm ok. [She is crying.]

Scotty: [Stands.] Iím contesting the divorce!

Luke: To hell you!!! We are married! [Luke holds up his and Laura's hands to show the wedding rings.] And we are going on our honeymoon

Lee: All right, then, GO! I'll talk some sense into him.

Luke: [to Laura] Come on, Laura. [He cups her face with his hands.] We have our whole lives ahead of us. [He kisses her.] And we are married! We are married! Let's go!! [Luke grabs Laura's hand. They start running past the crowd. They stop.]

Luke: No, wait! Wait! No, wait. Don't do this. [Laura is crying.] Baby, it was beautiful! [He cups her face.] We are married! [He holds their hands up.] We are married. We had a beautiful wedding. You were the most beautiful bride any man ever saw. [He wipes Laura's face.] Now, those tears are for nothing. He WILL NOT contest! [Luke rubs Laura's face.] We're ok. Now give me a smile.

Laura: [Smiles.] I love you.

Luke: I love you. Give me a smile. [They kiss.] Do you feel good?

Laura: Yeah.

Luke: Do you feel good? [Louder this time.]

Laura: Yeah! [They shake hands.]

Luke: All right! Let's get! [He puts his arm around Laura. They walk to the car. Luke helps Laura into the car. He gets in and they drive away. She holds his arm and leans her head on his shoulder.]

A BIG thank you to Diane for transcribing this!