Lucky's 'death'

[At the docks. Luke is waiting for Laura to tell her that Lucky is dead.]

Laura: "Luke? What? What is it? What happened?" [Luke holds out his hands and Laura takes them.] "Oh, my God. It's not Lulu, is it? Please, tell me she's all right."

Luke: "No, no, no."

Laura: "No? Good."

Luke: "It's Lucky. There was a fire. He's gone, Laura."

Laura: "What?"

Luke: "He's gone."

Laura: "No."

Luke: "Yes."

Laura: "No. No! NO!" [She falls to the floor, banging her fists on the ground.] "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!"

[Luke holds her as she sobs.]

Laura: "No! No, it's not true! No. No, it's got to be some kind of a mistake. No. It's not true." [She stands up.] "I saw him. I saw him today. Oh, they were going to -- Nikolas and he were having dinner together, and they were going to go to Kelly's because Elizabeth was doing something special."

Luke: "The fire was in Morgan's garage, Laura. He was upstairs. He must have already been in bed. I'm sure he didn't even wake up."

Laura: "Nooo!"

Luke: "He inhaled the smoke."

Laura: "Nooo!"

Luke: "Otherwise, he would have been out of the window, baby, because he's -- he's a handy little guy."

Laura: "NO! NO! NO! NO! Not my baby!" [She leans on Luke, sobbing.] "Oh, God! NO!" [She falls to the ground.]

Luke: "Yes, I know, I know, I know."

Laura: "Oh, my -- not my baby! NO! Oh, God! Oh, God."

Laura: [She tries to breathe.] "Oh. Did you see him? Did -- do you know that it was him? Because it could be a mistake."

Luke: "Yeah, well, I -- I didn't see him yet."

Laura: "Oh."

Luke: "I had to get to you first."

Laura: "Oh. Oh." [She looks around.] "Lucky?" [She stands up.] "Maybe it's a mistake. That's --"

Luke: "Laura, sit down. Sit down."

Laura: "I'm going to be sick. Oh."

[Luke holds Laura as she starts to feel faint. He helps her sit down.]

Luke: "Come on, baby." [Her holds her and rubs her arm.] "Okay. Okay."

Laura: "Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. How did it start, the fire? How did it start?"

Luke: "I -- I don't think they know yet."

Laura: "Yes, they do. Tell me. Was it an accident? Or... Jason? Or was it -- did it have something to do with -- Luke, did it have something to do with--"

Luke: "The building was owned by Jason Morgan and Mike Corbin, and they have been having the usual problems."

Laura: "With that guy. What's that guy's name? What's his name?"

Luke: "Moreno."

Laura: "Moreno. Moreno! He's the one that they think is -- is the one who burned down Sonny's and Jason's warehouse, right?"

Luke: "Right."

Laura: "That's--"

Luke: "Right."

Laura: "Did he know that there was an innocent child in that building? Did he know that my son, my little boy, was in there? Did he know that?"

Luke: "Laura, Laura, I don't know what anybody knows. Sweetheart, I don't know. But I'm going to find out."

Laura: "If it's mob-related, then it could be anybody. Maybe it is a mistake. It could have been anybody up there."

Luke: "I know. I know. And that's why I'm going to go see the body. I just want to take you home, and them I'm going to go--"

Laura: "No--"

Luke: "I'm going to the morgue."

Laura: "I want to go, too. I'm going with you."

Luke: "I--"

Laura: "Yes, please. I want to go."

Luke: "Okay. Okay. Come on."

[They leave.]

[At the morgue. Luke goes in first to identify Lucky's body. Laura comes in and Luke shakes his head.]

Laura: "No, please."

Luke: "No."

Laura: "I need to see him."

Luke: "No."

Laura: "Yes. Please?"

[Laura stretches out her arms and moves towards Lucky's body, but Luke stops her.]

Luke: "No--"

Laura: "I want to see my baby one more time."

Luke: "No, no, no."

Laura: [Crying] "I want to see my baby one more time. Please?"

Luke: "Okay."

[They walk over to the covered body. A man moves the sheet. Laura faints. Taggert moves to help her.]

Luke: "No, that's all right. Detective, I've got her. I've got her. I've got you. I've got you, baby. Come on."

[Luke helps Laura stand up.]

Laura: "Oh--"

Luke: "I'll take you home. Come on, I'll take you home. Let me take you home. Come on. Okay. Okay? Okay. We're all right. We're all right. Thank you very much."

Luke: "Shh."

[They leave the room. Luke is still holding Laura. Laura coughs, then raises her head and sees Sonny and Jason.]

Laura: "You murderer!"

Laura: [To Sonny] "You swore to me that no violence would ever touch my family! You promised me a thousand times, and my son is lying in there dead! He is burned. You did that. You did that. Look at me, you. You did that. And you [she points to Jason] you let an innocent boy live in a place that was targeted for your kind, didn't you? Did you ever try to warn him? Huh? Did you? No, you didn't, did you? And he was just a little boy. He wasn't a man yet. He was still just a little boy.

Luke: "Laura, let me take you--"

Laura: [She moves Luke's hand away.] "No! God help any children of yours. But you guys don't have any kids, do you?

Luke: "I want to take you home, Laura."

Laura: No, you don't, do you?" [She pushes Luke away.] "No! You started all of this, Luke. Don't you realize that? You taught our son to trust people like this. You made him believe that he was safe with people like this. And that's why he never came home."

Luke: "The reason he never came home was there was no home to come to. There was a house of lies."

Laura: [She slaps him.] "Don't you say that to me."

Taggert: "Ms. Spencer, it's been a bad night. Why don't you let me have one of my officers take you home?"

Laura: [She takes a deep breath.] "Thank you."

[Laura leaves.]

[Laura arrives at her home. Nikolas opens the door. Laura touches his face and smiles faintly.]

Laura: "It's true."

Nikolas: "Has there -- has there been a positive identification?"

Laura: "Yes. Is Lesley Lu sleeping?"

Nikolas: "Yeah. She doesn't know yet. I took the call upstairs. Luke was down here reading to her, and I sent her to bed, then I told Luke."

Laura: "What was Luke doing here?"

Nikolas: "I think he just came here to see Lesley Lu."

Laura: "I didn't know that."

Nikolas: "Come here. Sit down."

[Laura stares at pictures of Lucky a moment before they sit on the couch.]

Laura: [She takes Nikolas' hand.] "Please stay with me. Please."

Nikolas: "Okay, okay. I will."

Laura: "Thank you."

Nikolas: "It's okay."

Laura: "Nikolas, I want you to know something. And you may not feel this right now, but Lucky will stay with you. It's true. Because you loved each other, and that part doesn't go away."

Nikolas: "I just think this -- this is a whole big, bad dream and I'm going to wake up any second, you know?"

Laura: "I know."

Nikolas: "And we just had dinner together, and we were laughing and everything."

Laura: "Oh. I can picture that. And it was such a blessing to me that I was allowed to see the two of you become brothers." [Nikolas takes a deep breath.] "That struggle and what came out of it -- that'll always be in your heart."

Nikolas: "Thanks."

[Laura nods. She turns to look at the pictures of Lucky again, then turns back. She looks up.]

Laura: "Oh, God. Oh, God, please help me." [Nikolas holds her.] "I don't know how to do this. I just don't. I don't know how to do this. Oh, God."

[They grieve.]

[At Laura's, the next day. Laura hears the door open and turns around. It's her mother. Leslie rushes to Laura's side and holds her.]

Laura: "I knew you would come."

Leslie: "I got the next flight out of Charlotte after you called. Oh, baby, I'm so sorry."

Laura: "I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to lose my son."

[Leslie holds Laura as she cries.]