Laura tells baby Lulu about love

[At the Spencers'. Laura has Lulu in her lap.]

Laura: [Soft voice.] "Sweet baby girl." [Smiles.] "There's something that I need you to know. Mommy may have to go away... and if she does, Mommy's going to take a picture of you and you'll have a picture of me. And you'll have your lullaby tape that Mommy made for you. And I will think about you very hard every single day. But you know something? I'll tell you a secret. Mommy can never, ever really leave you. You know why? Because there is something, like a little line that goes through the air, and it connects mommy to the baby. And that line is Mommy's love. Mommy's love will never go away. Never. Okay?" [Kisses Lulu's forehead.] "So in case Mommy has to go bye-bye... I just want you to know that." [Holds Lulu to her.] "Precious baby girl. Precious, precious baby girl."