Mama Mia!

As the truth about Lulu explodes, Laura returns with a secret of her own!

Just when General Hospital's Lulu needs her mother the most, Laura finally wakes up to offer her troubled daughter guidance. But before all is said and done, someone dangerous will learn the truth about Logan's death, Lulu will face her demons, and Laura will make a stunning request that could rock the Spencer clan to its very core!

Laura Wakes Up

As the week begins, Lulu is in a bad way. Having been forcibly removed from the police department by Lucky, the troubled girl -- who is feeling terribly guilty about the fact that Johnny is taking the blame for a crime she committed -- winds up being taken back to Shadybrook. Once there, she releases her pent-up anger on Lucky before being overwhelmed by her emotions and breaking down completely. "Lulu has hit her all-time-lowest moment," says portrayer Julie Marie Berman. "She doesn't think she's ever going to be better or that life is going to get better in general."

Conveniently enough, her mom, Luara, happens to be a patient at Shadybrook as well, and it is to her that Lulu turns. "She goes to vent to her mother," continues Berman. "That is, coincidentally, the moment Laura wakes up!" Not surprisingly, this is a huge event, and one Lulu has difficulty processing. "It's shock, disbelief, excitement and confusion over whether or not it's a hallucination. It's so much to deal with all at once."

And how dos Laura react? Well, slowly, says her alter ego, Genie Francis. "She's sort of medicated, and she's trying to focus. Laura's not sure if she's in a dream state or if she's awake."

A Shocking Confession

As the two catch up, Lulu is stunned when her mom admits to having been awake for a while. "She doesn't want the family to know because she doesn't know for sure whether or not this is going to last, and she doesn't want to put anybody thought it," explains Francis of Laura's motivations. But Laura promises to help her daughter deal with the emotional problems that have left her such a wreck.

Interestingly, it is Lulu who might be crucial in helping her mother recover by filling Laura in on a few very important things that have come to light since last she awoke... namely who really killed Rick Webber! "Lulu is completely excited and proud to tell her mom that she was the one to clear her name," says Berman. But when Laura asks who did kill her stepdad, Lulu hesitates. "She's not sure she wants to tell her it was Scott! She kinda hopes her mom will be satisfied just knowing that her name has been cleared and she won't have to tackle the issue of, 'Yeah, your ex is the reason that you're here.'" In the end, however, Laura is told the whole story about Rick's death... and Logan's!

"She's pretty honest," admits Berman of Lulu's confession. "She completely breaks down the whole relationship trip and how she felt about Logan and how she wasn't honest with herself and that, ultimately, she's in love with Johnny."

Proving there's nothing like a mother's love, Lulu is comforted by having opened up to her mother, who becomes more and more helpful as the week goes on. "The first three or four days, you see Laura struggle physically," shares Francis. "Then at one point, which is a very important, operatic moment for Lulu, Laura is as awake as we'd expect her to be. It's almost fully awake. It's just a huge moment as Lulu confronts everything because Logan is haunting her. Laura helps her daughter work through her fear and helps her understand that Logan is a part of herself and not separate from her and she can talk to it and control it."

Berman adds, "Laura tries to reassure Lulu that she's a lot stronger that her mom ever was."

Death Sentence

Meanwhile, Lulu's main squeeze is doing his best to keep the truth about Logan's murder from coming out. Worried about Lulu, Johnny asks Claudia to kill Anthony before their dad can do away with her. But as Johnny continues talking to his sister, she eventually realizes who was really responsible for Logan's death. And although Johnny does his best to deny Lulu killed his late rival, Claudia sees through his life. But he may regret keeping the truth under wraps as his trial date draws closer and Scott makes it clear he wants to see his son's killer not only prosecuted but put to death! And when Laura's other children show up at Shadybrook, will Lulu share with them the joyous news... or keep them in the dark about Laura's having finally come back to them?

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