Soap Opera Update Awards

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"It's lovely to win awards, but it forces me into one of my least favorite activities: public speaking. I would like to thank the fans. It's a remarkable feeling to receive so much love from so many strangers. I also want to thank the wonderful actors and actresses on my show. I love you all so much. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the amount of love that I have in my life. I am very a lucky person to have wonderful friends and co-workers, to have a wonderful husband - I love you, Jonathan (Frakes) - and two exquisite children: my son Jameson and my daughter Elizabeth."

(Caption: Francis was the picture of grace on awards night, arriving moments before the show started after tending to her kids.)

Tyler Christopher (Best Newcomer):
"...I want to thank somebody who really helped me: It's Genie Francis (Laura). I miss her a lot and I'm sure you all do, too. I hope she considers coming back real soon."

Big thanks to Lou for scanning and sending me this article!