To Tell The Truth

GH's Luke Finally Tells Laura That Lucky's Alive -- Before Stefan Can Do The Same

It's the ultimate case of good news/bad news. This week on General Hospital, Laura will learn from Luke that their presumed-dead son, Lucky, is in fact alive. (That's the good news.) But what she'll also be told is that her love, Stefan, is the one responsible for the teen's tragic disappearance last year. (That's the bad news.) Granted, one major part of Luke's report is terribly inaccurate: It was, after all, Helena who engineered Lucky's "death" and kidnapping. But after witnessing Stefan and his hired mercenaries "abduct" Lucky from that remote cabin outside of town (they were actually rescuing Lucky), Luke is even more convinced that Stefan is to blame. Will Laura feel the same way?

"Luke knows that Helena hired Faison to kidnap Lucky," begins Anthony Geary (Luke). "And he knows Stefan has been moving Lucky from hiding place to hiding place. He doesn't know why Stefan is doing it. That's not even important to him right now. What's important is, 'The boy isn't dead, let's get him home.'"

Unfortunately, Luke was unable to do this oce Stefan and his bunch of thugs herded Lucky into a car. Says Head Writer Robert Guza, Jr., "When Luke and Felicia did not realize is that Helena was the one who put Lucky in that cabin in the first place and it was Helena's people who were guarding Lucky. Stefan was rescuing Lucky but Luke doesn't know that."

Unable to trace Stefan's newest hiding place for Lucky, Luke and Felicia return to Port Charles on Thursday, armed with their eyewitness accounts of Lucky's existence and the "evidence" of Stefan's role in the nightmare. "Luke makes a beeline for Laura," relates Guza, "while Felicia goes home to Mac."

Needless to say, Mac isn't exactly waiting with open arms for his wayward wife. What the fed-up commish is waiting with is that infamous videotape of Luke and Felicia kissing. "He shows Felicia the tape and she tells the truth," admits Guza. "'Nothing happened, Mac. It looks like it did. It did not. I couldn't go through with it.' And Mac's line is essentially, 'But you wanted to.'"

It's a game of truth and consequences over at the Spencer home, too. "You basicaly have Luke saying, 'Well, the good news is that Lucky is alive,'" continues the scribe. "'And the bad news is that your boyfriend's got him.' Naturally, Laura is extremely torn. She's thrilled Lucky is alive and just abhorring what Stefan did."

She's also relieved, according to her portrayer, Genie Francis, who says Laura was anticipating a very different announcement from Luke. "It starts out with Laura thinking Luke's going to say, 'I want to marry Felicia and I just want you to know,'" shares Francis. "But once he tells her why he's really there, and she realizes [that Lucky is really alive], she's overjoyed."

The same can hardly be said for Stefan, whose plans to triumphantly return Lucky to Laura go horribly awry. "As Laura is hearing everything from Luke, Stefan learns that Helena has stolen Lucky back," sighs Guza. "Stefan's intention was to try to get Lucky so he could bring him back to Laura and say, 'What a good boy am I.' But that is not to be."

Regardless, Stefan heads to Laura's place to tell her the truth about Lucky. But he's blindsided -- literally and figuratively -- upon arrival. Says Guza, "He's there to tell Laura the truth: 'My mother had Lucky. I tried to rescue him and bring him back to you, but my mother got him back.' But before Stefan can say that, Laura slaps him and lays into him verbally. And she has a good point. Even if Stefan ultimately did tell her the truth, the fact of the matter is that when Luke found out for sure that Lucky was alive, he came straight to Laura. When Stefan found out Lucky was alive, he true to use for his own end and that's inexcusable. To Laura, that is the ultimate betrayal. That is that last of the lies she's going to take from Stefan. The damage is irreparable."

And speaking of irreparable damage... At the Scorpio home, Mac further questions Felicia about her feelings for Luke. "What she essentially says is, 'I love you, I love my family, I love my kids,'" reveals Guza. "So she answers it without really answering it." As a result, Mac leaves Felicia.

"At this point, two relationshihps are exploding," concludes Guza. "But this is not only about Mac and Felicia, and Laura and Stefan. This is also about Luke and Laura, and Luke and Felicia. What we do know is that the search for Lucky is about to commence for Luke and Laura, and it will be a very strange, magical mystery tour. The search for Lucky will lead them on a very interesting path that directly relates to their past."

by Kristin Gallagher