Luke and Laura's Wedding Mourning

Luke and Laura exchange "I do's" on their 25th anniversary this week on General Hospital, but they won't get their "happily ever after" this time, either, because her recovery is only temporary.

"Luke and Laura write their own vows, so it's personal to them," shares Genie Francis, back as beloved heroine Laura. "It's very sweet."

"Emphasis on romance and nostalgia," adds Anthony Geary (Luke). The ceremony proceeds, despite a few, er, hitches: a drunker outburst by Tracy and a visit from their least favorite Cassadine. "Helena is lurking," says Geary, adding that the Cassadine queen "makes herself known to Laura and drops the first hint that Laura's happiness is a temporary situation."

"Helena appears like a ghost," interjects Francis. "Laura asks her, 'What are you doing here? Are you going to curse me again?' Helena says, 'I don't have to. Before you pluck those rose petals from your hair, it will all fade away.'" Of course, Laura has already begun to suspect something isn't quite right. "She's forgetting things. She's having little problems," sighs Francis. "But Laura is hoping it isn't what it is." Laura's lapses of memory are a sign of the cruel twist of fate that awaits her. "She's starting to slip away," says Geary. "Laura doesn't understand what's going on, but Luke does."

After the ceremony, Laura confronts Luke about what's happening to her, and he finally tells her the truth. "He explains that he went thought a lot trying to decide if [reviving her] was worth it. Was it fair to her? He decided it was," says Geary. "But I have a wonderful speech on the wedding night, when Luke finally tells Laura what the truth is. 'You know, I'm a selfish bastard. I brought you back for me, because I'm lost without you.'" Luke gently explains that Laura "is going to slip back into a catatonic state and probably never wake up again," continues Geary. "The doctors have said it was a one-time thing. They can't give her any more of the drug. It's tantamount to dealing with an Alzheimer's patient or someone who's terminal. So this, in essence, is the end."

"Laura is heartbroken," says Francis. "They did sort of write in that Laura was angry with Luke, but Tony and I didn't play it that way. I didn't think she would be. Laura can see how much pain Luke is in and that he misses her so much. She has empathy for that. Laura's disappointed that she can't stay, but she's grateful that she has this time with her children."

Absent a last-minute miracle (or contract extension), "Laura accepts what's happening to her and she and Luke mourn together," explains Francis. "She asks him to be brave and not have any regrets about waking her up or letting her go. She's very loving about it."

Not to mention completely selfless, as Laura makes a painful decision regarding her family. Don't miss next week -- and bring your hankies.